Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Year of VBS --- Done

This past week was Vacation Bible School week at First Baptist Church. We have a night school for children and an adult class taught by the preacher for those interested in a short Bible study.

I wasn't a teacher this year and I didn't attend the Bible study but I did work.

Part of the program is to serve supper to any (and a few that just came for a free meal)attending. This meal is served from 5:00 until 6:00 so that parents can drop their kids off and not have to worry about rushing around feeding them supper and getting them to church. The meals are kid friendly and adult approved. The menu ranged from pot luck on Sunday evening (yes we started on Sunday) that was open to the entire church, then tacos, followed by pizza, fried chicken and finally sandwiches and salads last night.

However because we know that all children can be picky and some just down right stubborn about what they eat, we had peanut butter and jelly available each night.

That was my station during meal service. Over the five nights I made 9 loaves of PB&J sandwiches. Most of the children that came and asked for a sandwich were polite and patient as I made their individual sandwich, a couple were pushy and mouthy about the bread, and one young man politely asked if I would cut the crust off. I was glad to oblige since there was no one else waiting for a sandwich at the time. I impress him however since I really didn't *cut* the crust off, instead I just peeled it off. He had never seen that done and said that he could do that for himself from now on.

Also included in my week of working in the kitchen were nine heads of lettuce chopped for various salads, a couple dozen or so homegrown by church member tomatoes donated for chopping and slicing (and yes they were put on the side with a note about who had donated them). Just general kitchen stuff that has to be done to feed 150 go 175 people each night. I enjoyed the women I worked with and enjoyed just being a helper ---- the headaches and worries weren't mine they were Farah's and she handled it better than I could have.

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Carrie said...

I could probably handle the PB&J station. I've not gotten involved with our VBS like I probably should. It always seems to occur when we've got something else planned. I do try to donate items on the wish lists so at least I'm contributing.