Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Vacation officially starts today at 1:30. That is what time I'm to be a Robert's office so we can go to Hobby Airport to pick up Carrie and Paul. They are to arrive at 3:30. Exciting stuff!

Between now and then I have a short list of things to complete.

Well, as luck would have it I can now mark one thing off my list of things to do. While typing this the door bell rang and it was the young man (in my world 35 is still a young man) who is going to mow the lawn for us while we are gone.

The remainder of the list is to water the outside plants; Jasmine, Cannis, and Mexican Heather,wash the sheets from our bed, straighten the house (company is coming) and think again about what I have packed and might still need to pack.

Tomorrow at 10:00 am we are going to leave for Bush International Airport. Our flight to Atlanta isn't until 4:00, but it is a two hour drive over to Bush and we need to have eating time, and we have to park and catch the shuttle to the airport. We should still be there a good two hours before our flight. The reason for all of this is because one of the ladies we are going with or who is going with us is very paranoid about getting to airports or missing flights. We are accommodating her and her paranoia. So we'll be hurry-upping to wait at the airport. Maybe I can catch a nap while we wait ---- that was a joke. I never nap. I'm just hoping I can sleep on the flight from Atlanta to England. That will be the true test.

When I get back I'll have lots to write about so be ready. :) I am going to take a blank book to write in while on this trip. I do this every time, take a blank book, but never follow through with much. Hopefully this time (especially since I have now told you about it) I'll do a lot better about writing.

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