Monday, June 2, 2008

Remember Me? I've Been Busy

First of all I can't believe that it has been since May 13 since I last blogged. Much has gone on since then. I thought about blogging many times, but just didn't do it. I am a lazy person or maybe just a masterful procrastinator.

On May 14 I flew to Amarillo and accompanied Mother and Daddy to the Britton Reunion being held in Oklahoma May 18 and 19. Before leaving for OK I got a chance to take Abigail and Benjamin to lunch. Ben has learned how to blow the paper off a straw, but evidently isn't always successful at getting it to shoot across. When he was preparing his straw he aimed at me and blew. The shocked look on his face and his little voice exclaiming, "It woked." (no r in worked) were the give away. David caught this picture of me reading to A and B that evening.Here is Mother with her two remaining sisters and brother at the reunion on Sunday.

And of course we had to have one of my generation of cousins. There were actually 14 of us (first cousins) there, but Sarah who was there on Saturday, but not Sunday isn't pictured with us. On the back row are Bud, Roy, Jackie, and Benny. The second row is Ann, Jo Ann, Connie, Kathy. The front row is Barbara, Dianne, Judy, Dora and me.

After the reunion, Jo Ann and Jerry brought me back to Bay City. Here are Jo and I at the restaurant in Lake Jackson where we celebrated my birthday, May 22, with a trip to eat seafood and see the new Indian Jones movie. We all highly recommend it for your summer adventure, relaxation, fun movie. These are the guys we like to hang with. Jerry seemed to enjoy the time he was here. He played golf each day and basically didn't have to do anything. Poor Robert had to go to work each day, but I don't think work is very stressful right now. On the 27th of May after an uneventful, quiet Memorial Weekend I ventured to Albuquerque to visit Carrie and Paul. Getting there proved to be a challenge, well not so much a challenge as a exercise in patients and frustration. The flight that was to leave at 5:00 pm and arrive in A at 7:00 didn't leave Houston until 7:30 ish and didn't arrive in A until about 10:00. Poor Carrie missed a phone call because either I didn't make it or it didn't go through and ended up waiting at the airport for about 2 hours on me. I, on the other hand, met a couple of delightful women at the airport waiting on the same flight I was and we passed the time with a wonderful margarita and lively conversation. Pictured below is Carrie cheerfully making fajitas for us on Wednesday evening after a day of shopping.

And finally here is a picture of Carrie and Paul just after Paul had finished demonstrating his awesome ability on the Wii dance pad. I totally sucked at that, but was getting pretty good at the guitar --- have the highest scores for the house band on the easy level. And that was with just two days of practice. I must say though that I was very impressed with Carrie who can play a mean level medium rock guitar. Our *field trip* to the Acoma Pueblo on Friday was great. For a recap of that adventure visit Carrie's blog. She posted the pictures and gives a brief run down of our day.

Now I'm getting ready for the big tip to the UK. Leaving in just 19 days. Wooo Hoooo

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