Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thirteen Things

This would have been a good one to do on Friday 13, but as usual I'm *a day late and a dollar short*. Okay, most people would just say I'm short period. But that is a whole different story.

Below are the 13 things I like about me as challenged to do by Donna .

1. My hair (that seems to be my vanity spot, but then again this whole list will sound vain)
2. My eye color
3. My ability to adapt (even if I have to think about it a bit first)
4. Always being punctual
5. Willingness to step to the plate when needed (some call that being pushy or bossy I prefer to
think of it as helpfulness)
6. My slim ankles and wrists
7. My handwriting (thank you Mother and years of teaching penmanship)
8. My good health
9. My decorating sense
10. My competitiveness (though mostly I compete with myself)
11. My shoe size
12. Being old enough to be Grammar
13. My relationship with my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ

There they are, my thirteen.

Below is the picture of me with my newly cut bangs. After I wash and fix my hair it will look different from this. Nick does a great job cutting my hair, but sometimes he and I just don't think the same way about fixing it. Cutting the bangs was my idea. We'll see how long they last this time, or how long before I get it cut spiky short again.