Thursday, June 5, 2008

A New Look

My new glasses came in on Tuesday and I rushed down to get them just before we were leaving to have supper with some friends. I had been told by my sister that the no-line glasses were the way to go and laid out the money for them. Not as easy to get used to as she seems to remember. When I first wore them I thought, "Oh, boy this is going to be rough." My eyes have had a time getting used to where to look. Both Jo Ann and the doctor told me that you lose your vision to the left and right, but easily can make up for that with a slight turn of the head. --- Hummmm neither one of them mentioned the wave that took place when you move your head. It is better today. The eyes are adjusting and I'm learning --- so the quesy feeling whenever I move my head is about to pass. I think I'll keep these for a year or more anyway. So the new look below is what you'll be seeing for a while. The big plus is the sunglasses clip that has a magnet at the nose. Just pops on and off very easily. :)


Donna said...

Love the glasses!!

Carrie said...

I like them--they're funky/nerdy which is a totally good thing in my book. :) (MUCH better than my just plain nerdy look of 1987.)