Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Michael, Are You Paying Attention?" or A Day in Second Grade

Going round the room their names were Zoe, Ray, Destiny, Robert, Ariana, Serina, Elias, Reagan, Kevin, Sirena, Taylor and Michael. All in second grade and all eager to ---- be anywhere but there. But then again willing to work for smiley faces; which, I have learned to lavish upon students in lower grades generously by drawing one on whatever paper they have out--- You're in your seat, smiley face. You've put your name on your paper, smiley face. You were listening, smiley. You were not asking for a smiley face, smiley face. It doesn't take long to have them eating out of your hand for smiley faces, and waiting for them to be given out.
I got the call to *pleeeeassssse* come at about 8:05 a.m. It seems the person who had been lined up to come sub several days ago didn't show up this morning. (Wonder if she'll be called again?)
I was sitting here at the computer reading post by two of my favorite posters, unshowered from the morning walk and just really not planning much for today. Boy, that changed quickly. The school I was asked to come to is about 8 miles from the house so I asked for about 45 minutes -- I figured I could make it in under that time, but didn't want a speeding ticket on the way. :) The secretary, who was super nice, said not to rush but get there asap. I did.
An aide had the class well in hand when I arrived and I was able to just step in with them doing a math assessment paper. It didn't take long for me to learn the names of these 12 children. For the most part they are a great little group, but there were a couple of things I bet I said a hundred time (and that isn't much of an exaggeration) "Michael sit down, Michael get busy, Michael , Michael, Michael. "
And then there was the name thing with the two [suh reen ah] s. They were very quick to point out the difference in the spelling of their names and would I please keep that in mind today. Like I was going to have occasion to write them. I assured them that I would try hard not to mix them up. Fortunately they both are good little students and I had no reason to ever write their names.
Oh, and for the record Reagan and Taylor were both girls. When handed a class roll without the students being there that is always a tough one --- boy or girl?
I've decided I like subbing in first and second grade. The students love you. They want to please you (for the most part) and their little minds are like sponges (for the most part). I had a good time and enjoyed the hugs, and compliments, and comments like "This was the best day of school ever." I'm sure tomorrow will be the best day of school ever too for this child, but it was good to hear and I think I'll just savor it a while.

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LceeL said...

That's so sweet. I hope each and every one is the "best day of school ever."