Monday, September 1, 2008

Rainless Day on Monday

This has been a busy day, but for some reason I feel like it has been a lazy day too. Maybe becaue I've actually accomplished stuff, and haven't just sat at the computer. That makes absolutely no sense.

After our two mile walk this morning, and watching the news to make sure Gustav was ashore in LA, I got the last bit of painting done in the bedroom only to have to do it all over, because I used the wrong paint. Yep, there were two cans labled with the color I needed, problem was one of them was actually a flat paint not eggshell that the wall had been painted with. So when the flat paint was dry I had to do it over with Casa Blanca, eggshell. Yeah that room is done. I'm satified with how it turned out.

It looks like we will be luck if we get any rain from Gustav even. Houston seems to be getting a little from the far outer bands, but we seem to be in just the wrong spot to have anything. I'm glad we missed the storm, could use the rain thought. Always something isn't it. I also praise the Lord that the storm weakened some before going ashore. I know damage has been done to many homes and property, but it could have been so much worse.

The rest of the day has just been *Robert TV*. We have watched Dirty Jobs, Monk, Weather Station, and Star Trek. I think that is what has made this into such a long day. Mind numbing TV to be sure.
Tomorrow I will be subbing for a kindergarten class, and Wednesday will find me in a first grade classroom. That should prove to be interesting. I love the little one, but they are usually a handful. My good friend, whom I've worked with the past 4 years tutoring, told me yesterday that I will probably have my tutoring job back --- She and the other teachers in 4th and 5th grade went to the principal on Friday and did a bit of campaigning to get me back. They really didn't want the pre-k teacher doing the tutoring. Seems there had been some less than efficient work done by her in the past. They suggested she tutor 1st and 2nd grade in the afternoon since she won't have a pre-k class then and to hire me back to work with 3rd, 4th and 5th. The fact that they went to that kind of trouble to get me back is flattering and increases the pressure to do a good job for them.

Oh, one other little *honey-do* project Robert and I got completed this Labor Day weekend was to put a new pump in the fountain out front. We now have water bubbling out the top of the ball. We weren't able to get a solor pump so we just bought an electric one and ran a cord over to it. I haven't seen Wendy, young neighbor down the block, to get her reaction. She was very anxious for us to get it going. She gets excited over small things too --- that may be why I like that girl. :)
I hear the lawn mower, which means I need to go do a little raking since I'm too cheap to buy a grass catcher for that fancy riding mower I bought. Happy Labor Day weekend to all --- and enjoy the rest of the week.


WomensDaily said...

I felt the same way today. I feel like I got a lot done but I felt lazy today at the same time.

LceeL said...

No grass catcher? Why not pput the mulching thing over the grass chute instead? You may need to cut more frequently, but then you don't have to rake.

Suzie said...

I like the paint job. Glad the storm passed you by

Carrie said...

I like the painting you did. Our day yesterday was rather uneventful as well. And I've decided after watching Paul flip mindlessly through the stations yesterday that while I may watch junk TV, at least I put it on one station and leave it.

Di said...

Oh, the room looks beautiful!! I wish I could do things like that.