Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #10 A Little More Random

Thirteen Things about random things in my life and about life.

1.... Last night watching TV I decided I wanted a Sonic Junior Banana Split for lunch today and then later Robert, hubby, decided for supper we should try the Pizza Hut Mac and Cheese with bacon. Sounds like our low carb diet is firmly in place --- don't you agree?

2.... Walking this morning we saw an interesting cloud bank. Picture a line drawn across a piece of paper. In the center of that line put a half circle (humped up) then put *Spock* ears on it and some wispy hair. That is the cloud we saw as we walked down the street headed east. Looked like a kid peeking over a fence. Made me smile.

3.... Tuesday I subbed for one of the kindergarten teachers. I now remember why I don't/didn't teach kindergarten. They don't know how to do anything except be told what to do and how to do it and then they don't listen and you have to tell them again and again and again and again --- It was a very long tiring day.

4.... Wednesday I subbed for a first grade teacher. On Tuesday I had lunch with her and she warned me that they are a very talkative group and not really good listeners. She was wrong. After being in K on Tuesday, Wednesday's group were angels! I had a much better day.

5.... I'm playing different bells in hand bells this year. We had our first rehearsal on Tuesday evening. It was fun to be back to the group.

6.... Amy (daughter) shared an Abby (granddaughter) story --- seems Abby had an interesting question for her K teacher. When working with the dry erase board and I quote, *Why it is called a *Dry Erase Board* when obviously it is wet?" Pointing to the tip of the marker. I think she stumped the teacher.

7.... My husband will drive to the store for butter when I am cooking corn on the cob and discover I don't have any. That is how often I cook. I didn't even realize we were out of butter until the corn was about half cooked. Of course, his choices where to either go buy some or do without.

8.... I love it when I get unexpected money in the mail. Of course, I knew at one time we would be getting a refund check from the insurance for a medical bill we had paid and they covered, but they took so long to get it to us I had forgot it was coming.

9.... When going to work I can take the bypass around to Highway 35. I love taking the bypass. The speed limit is 65 mph and people really drive that speed. Of course, I'm running with the high school students on their way to school -- and they are all liking driving *the speed limit* (wink, wink)

10... Been discussing health insurance with daughter #1. She is having to get private insurance and trying to decide what would be the best route to go. Mom isn't much help here. I've been fortunate enough to always have insurance provided or available at a reasonable cost through my job or now through my husbands. That plus the fact that hubby and I are both healthy individuals who don't even go to the doctor but may be twice a year. Once for the annual visit (wellness covers that) and maybe for that sinus infection you get every year or so. I'm understanding a little better the problems people have getting insurance

11... My room painting project is completed. You can scroll down to the previous blog entry to see a couple of pictures of the room. It turned out pretty good --- I'm not 100% satisfied, but according to my husband I'm never satisfied.

12... I mentioned last week that I don't consider myself vain. That having been said I wonder now --- I have appointments later today to get a spray on tan, get my hair cut and a pedicure. This is all being done now so I will look good for a bunch of total strangers on a ship. Not vain is it? Just wanting to put my *best foot forward*. Not to scare anyone. :)

13... I enjoy writing my blog. I especially like Haiku Friday and 100 Word Challenge. These two attempts at actually writing are a stretch for me that I really need. There are other endeavors out there that I enjoy dabbling in also. Wordless Wednesday (which I totally missed yesterday), Saturday Photo Hunter, and a new one which I haven't participated in, but that sounds intriguing called Open Doors. Everything else is just fluff --- me rambling. Enjoy your day and the coming weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Great list! Have a wonderful time on your cruise! I don't consider myself vain either, but when I'm going on vacation I just "feel" better after getting all that primping done :)

Gypsy Princess said...

I´m thinking of going back to teaching primary, but now I am not so sure. :P

Happy TT!

Di said...

Ooooo, how was the mac N cheese with bacon?? It looks so good in the commercials!

PraiseFiddler said...

Great list. I think we all enjoy surprises especially if it comes in the form of money :-)

Donna said...

Great 13, Moma.

Vixen said...

Proof I love your blog:

Channah said...

How was the mac and cheese? It looks so good in the picture, but I can't bring myself to order mac and cheese when I have a box in the cupboard!

Sandy C. said...

What a great job painting! I love the pics :) I don't think I would make it in a room full of kindergartners. I have 1 kid, and she drives me nuts. I can't imagine a room full of them.

The Gal Herself said...

Kids and clouds and bells and vanity ... you certainly were random, and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for visiting my TT.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog for the day. I love that you left me a sweet comment.

Corn on the cob with no butter?!! Ya, I'd be on the street going to the store for some too. There'd be no way I'd eat it without. LOL [spoiled rotten, I know I am!]

And your newly painted room is super. I love the green!!

Leeann said...

Thanks for all of your nice comments on my blog! Had to come check out your blog and see who you were. You know how you read a blog and think "hmmm...we could be friends in real life." your blog!

amanew said...

I like your 13 today. Hope that the spray tan, hair cut adn pedicure are not all for not and that the storms out at sea don't interupt your plans.
As for you subbing in K, I have decided that I am an odd person, I like that age. And yes I repeat myself over and over and over and over and over......somedays are worse than others but I have to say the little light bulbs that go off over their heads are a wonderful thing to see. :)