Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Beach in Cozumel, Mexico

The last port we visited was Cozumel. No one had booked excursions for Mexico -- it was a day we were all just planning to hang at a beach. So about 10:30 we all gathered in the hall outside our rooms and headed out with towels, sunscreen and bottles of water.

We got two van taxis or taxies (both are correct according Webster) to take us to a free beach Robert and I knew about called Mr. Sanchos's.

After the short $80 taxi ride, we struggled across the hot sand looking for a place with tables and umbrellas that the 19 of us could get. Finally we snagged one small table with an umbrella. Amy told the waiter that came over that there were 19 of us and we would be ordering losts of beer and food and could he please find us more tables and umbrellas. He did and we did. I must add that he took very good care of us. The beer was good and cold and the food hot and spicy. Perfect for the beach.

Matt and his boys had brought their snorkleing gear so they got to snorkle around and the rest of us who were interested in playing in the ocean got to play in the waves, which were perfect gentle waves. The kids discovered they could buy tubes to ride in and had fun linking together and riding back to shore.

At some point two older Mariachi type musicians showed up and entertained us by having Carrie play some turtle shells they strapped on her and then dressing Paul in a wig and animal nose of some sort --- He was a good sport and played the maracas along with them for one song. Perfect photo op.

Abby got her Uncle Gene to take her way out to the deep water because he was the strongest swimmer in the group and also the easiest touch. I thing before he got back to shore with her he was about ready to take her water wings off and use them himself. He discovered that swimming against the current pushing a little girl wasn't as easy as he thought it would be --- well, as easy as any of us thought it would be for him.

We went back to the ship tired and sandy and for some sunburned, but cool showers and short naps revived everyone for an evening of ship life.


Ladykli said...

Oh what a marvelous time y'all must have had!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Momisodes said...

Wow. That beach looks amazing. And the clear, blue water is just gorgeous. I bet the water was perfectly warm, too.

Looks and sounds like it was a busy, but fun-filled day!