Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tea for Two --- Make That Three

Each day on the ship at about 3:30 tea time was observed. I had noticed it on the daily itinerary and wondered about it. When visiting with two women at lunch on Thursday they happened to mention that they had been to the tea previous day and what fun it was to pick a tea and be served desserts and hors d'oeurves.

Ahhh, the perfect "Tea Party" for Abigail and me to attend. So that afternoon we went to tea.

The tables were perfectly set with tea cups, dessert plates and napkins rolled to look like candles. We chose our place, twice, and settled in for the music and tea. We were joined by Amy to make this a perfect tea party for three generations.

Our server came by with a choice of teas --- I chose lemon and Amy and Abby chose an orange tea. Then a second server came by with a little kettle of hot water for each of us. All was going lovely up to this point.

I had my tea steeping and was assisting Abby with hers. The aroma that came up from the cup was wonderful and I lifted it as I continued to pour water into her cup so she could get a whiff. As I did I touched her bare shoulder with the kettle --- a shriek escaped from her and then a loud cry.

We had every one's attention. I got the cup and kettle down without spilling any and then began to rock Abby. Three waiters came to see what had happened. "I'm so sorry, I touched her with the tea kettle. She's okay, just startled, could we have a little ice please," came rushing out of my mouth.

There was barely a red mark -- thank goodness -- I felt horrible but ice was brought and in just a few moments she was back to preparing her tea, and admonishing me about being very careful when little kids are around. The sweet lady with the dessert cart showed up about then and we selected our treats. Thin sliced salmon on a baguette for me, a flavored cream filled biscuit for Miss A, and a blueberry torte for Amy. We sipped our tea and enjoyed ourselves while we listened to the beautiful music from the piano.

Several times during the tea different servers would come by and ask how things were and if we needed any thing. The gentleman who had gotten the ice for us directed his question to Abigail asking how she had enjoyed the tea. Her reply has become my favor line of the cruise. "

"Oh it was fun, except for the screaming."


Ladykli said...

What a special memory! I'm glad Miss A is A-Ok!

Hootin' Anni said...

I so loved reading was great except for the screaming. What a hoot. And Patsy, LOVED! the photo shares.

Now, I'm gonna go catch up on what I missed last week with your bloggin'.......