Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've Never Done That Driving

I was out and about this morning and of course that entailed crossing one of several sets of railroad tracks that cut across our town. Most of the crossing have flashing lights and barrier arms to keep everyone safe. This morning there was no train so I sailed right across the tracks. No flashing light, bells clanging or arms decending as I crossed, but a childhood memory came flooding back. A memory of flashing lights, bells clanging and arms that had decended.

My grandparents lived in Amarillo and attended Grand Avenue Baptist Church. To get from their house to church meant driving over a set of thriple tracks. These tracks were protected with the same kind of flashing lights and barrier arms as the double track I cross many times a week here.

On this particular Sunday I was riding home from church with Granny. I remember she was in a hurry to get home because the services had run long and the roast in the oven was probably burning. When we got near the RR crossing the lights began to flash and the bells were clanging. The red and white barrier arms were coming down fast.

But to my horror, Granny didn't slow down. She sped up. Yes, my Granny sped up. She said, "Don't you ever do this when you drive," and she whipped over into the left-hand lane going around the barrier then back into the right-hand lane.

I'm sure my eyes were the size of saucers when I heard the train whistle, and my short life passed before me. It seems like it was inches from us, while as an adult I like to think it wasn't.

The only other thing I remember about this whole incident is her saying, "It would be better not to mention this."

Oops, I just did.


Ladykli said...

OH MY!! That is very scary Patsy!! I'm glad you and your Granny made it!

Like the new do! ;-)

Ida said...

Yessir, that was our Granny!

Hootin' Anni said...

That woulda scared the living daylights out of me. you remember?---was the roast edible?

Momisodes said...

WOW! I can certainly see why that left an impression on you. How scary!

LceeL said...

I assume that the time for recriminations has long since passed. That's one of those 'puckerbutt' memories, though, isn't it? Everybody has at least one.