Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Don't Want to Miss the Boat

Today has been a positive day at the Bain house.

There is a story that I've read on the Internet about a man who was in a flood. Oh, he knew the flood was coming, but he didn't evacuate. He said, "God will take care of me." He didn't leave when the waters were up over the roads and a rescue truck came by. He said,"God will take care of me." He didn't leave when the water was in up to the second floor of his house and a boat came by. He said, "God would take care of me." He didn't leave when the water was up to his roof and a helicopter came by. He said, "God will take care of me." The man drowned and when he got to heaven he asked God, "Why didn't you take care of me?" God answered, "I sent a warning, a truck, a boat and a helicopter --- what did you do?"

As Robert is looking for a job we have been asking God to lead us where he would have us go, to open doors for him, to show us the way. Our prays have also centered around wanting to stay here in BC.

We found out a couple of weeks ago that the job with the bank here that we just knew would hire him isn't going to. They sited economic difficulties, etc. as reason for not hiring, but they wished him well in his pursuit and said whoever hired him would be lucky to get him.

That hurt. I must say Robert took the new better than I did. Then we were looking online at job opportunities listed with Farm Credit Bank of Texas. (Big outfit over all the land banks and old pca's) Anyway, back to my story -- and right there online the first job listed was for a loan officer/office manager in Muleshoe, Texas with Capital Farm Credit --- the group that had just let Robert go and who had actually told him that the position as Muleshoe was not going to be filled. Now I really was upset. Three different times the Muleshoe position has been open and three times that door has been shut --- got it God we aren't going to Muleshoe.

I don't want to miss the warning, the truck, the boat or the helicopter, God, I want to do hear you --- I want to do what you want me to.

On Friday Robert was approached by one of the men in our church who runs a real estate office. It happens to be the one we used to buy the house we live in. Erwin offered Robert a job. He said he needs a man in his office --- someone who knows land and could represent clients who where wanting to sell land or buy land --would Robert be interested.

As Robert and I discussed this, we weren't sure. Real estate -- really God, real estate. No we hadn't thought about it. But he is pursuing it now. This could be the warning, the truck, the boat or heck even the helicopter. Is this the answer to the prayer to get to stay in BC?

I guess a little time will tell.


Ida said...

Might just be a reason God wants him out of the banking business.

Ladykli said...

It may not be the final answer but way to the final answer. Either way, it looks like it might be blessing for now!

LceeL said...

I think the message of that story is "God helps those who help themselves." That's what I was taught as a boy and it just seems to work for me. Grab it - even if it's a temporary solution. I've been working at MY temporary solution for seven years now.

Momisodes said...

The best way to find out is by trying, right? I think you and your husband are wise and strong. I wish him well with this new endeavor.