Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Thrill of Victory / The Agony of Defeat

Amy and I had heard about a synchronized swimming event that was going to be held in the pool on the ship and had laughed about it as we swam around with the kids. When the girls were little we would pretend to be synchronized swimmers and work up little routines --- but our faces never went underwater.

I was off reading a book away from the hustle and bustle -- catching some quiet time when Robert came rushing over shouting, "Come quick Gene and Amy are in the synchronized swimming."

Well, rush over I did trying to figure out if they were on the same team and laughing at that picture --- Gene is 6'3" and Amy 5'2" -- but finally realized the competition was between a men's team of four and a women's team of four.

Each team had 5 minutes to work up a routine (out of the water) and had certain tricks they were told to perform (I think).

The ladies went first. We laughed at these women who obviously were not swimmer putting on their little show. I was proud of my youngest for being out there even if I was laughing my butt off the whole time. Then the men performed.

Of course they put on quite a show. They could all swim, and they obviously had had a lot of experience watching this event even if none of them would E V E R admit it. They actually were very entertaining.

Amy won the dreaded participation ribbon. Agony of defeat. Gene won the coveted 24 caret plastic piece of sh-- as the activity director called it. It is a plastic replica of a cruise ship. The thrill of victory.

But the ladies, great sports that they are walked by the men as they stood on the edge of the pool celebrating, arms raised in victory and with heads held high in defeat and sweetly pushed them in the pool. (Sorry girls, didn't know that was coming and had quit videoing.)

What fun it was to watch the oldest and the youngest compete. And the ladies get such fun revenge. The following videos are them in action. Amy, I forgot about videoing until you guys were well into your routine. Gene, I got it all you are now on YouTube.

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