Saturday, October 4, 2008

100 Word Challenge --- Blend

The challenge word from Velvet Verbosity this week is BLEND.

I stood looking out the kitchen window watching the kids play. His three boys; my three girls.

Would this work? There were days when I didn’t think so. Those days always ended with me having to be the heavy, and I knew I sounded mean and bitchy to them. The boys were rougher than the girls or maybe the girls were just sissies like they said.

“Please, God, just let this work,” was my constant prayer.

I felt his arms slip around me and I leaned back with a sigh. I knew I was willing to try to blend our families, our lives into one.

Being alone wasn’t my idea of a good life.

My hubby and I married 30 years ago when his three sons were ages 9, 7 and 4 while my three daughters were 8, 3 and 2. He a divorce' and I a widow. The task we accepted seemed more like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE than the BRADY BUNCH. TV made it look much easier than it was for us, but we all survived. When we are all together now those now adult kids tell stories and laugh about things that I had thought was WW III.


amanew said...

They were mean and we were sissies. :)
But we did blend allbeit the batter was a little lumpy.
I still think that the best compliment came from Gene when C and I were in High School, "You know you're not the bitches that mom made you out to be."

Donna said...

Amy is right... it is a lumpy batter, but it all turned out okay.

Anonymous said...

you're interesting. ahhh I agree. being alone for the rest of my life would drive me insane. I'm glad it worked out alright :)

Losing Myself said...

I bet our families version of "The Brady Bunch" would have made much better television, sis. We are all happy you two made it, but we never doubted that you would.

Momisodes said...

What a beautiful, raw post for the challenge. TV always makes it seem easier. So glad you all pulled through together well :)

Angel said...

How is like the Brady Bunch! I'm glad everything did work out for your family. I can't imagine raising that many kids at once. You are a brave woman!

Renee Daniels said...

I wrote a very similar post for this glad you guys survived & flourished.