Friday, October 31, 2008

Haiku Friday --- Ode to Trick or Treaters Past

The following haiku is from memories of Halloweens past. I won't be treating anyone at the house this year. Hubby and I won't be home. We have another engagement --- The big Fall Festival/Carnival hosted by our church for all the kids in town. It is big doings that requires lots of hands. And it is fun for all. But in years past I've ooooed and ahhhhed over lots of little boys and girls in costumes both store bought and home made. It was always fun when the girls were young and they went out first with hubby or me with them and then when older with a group of friends in the neighborhood. Always coming by the house for a treat from mom and dad with lots of giggles.
Ode to Trick or Treaters Past

Ding dong -- door bell rings.
What's this standing at my door
One pretty princess.

"Trick or treat," she says.
Candy goes into her bag.
Sweet voice says, "Thank you."

Batman and cute friends
Arrive and leave with, "Thank yous"
Candy served to all.

Settled back in my chair
Again I hear the bell chime
I rise to the call.

Three non-costumed boys
Stand at my door all staring
Thrusting sacks forward.

I stood there waiting.
There is a phrase they must say
To get their reward.

Finally one spoke.
"Trick or treat," he snarled at me.
Reluctanly paid.

No thanks, they just leave.
As they step into the street
My porch light clicks off.

The hour has grown late.
Cute goblins are now tucked in bed.
I've no good treats left.


storyteller said...

What a WONDERFUL Halloween Haiku Ode filled with past memories … thanks for sharing. I hope you enjoy the big Fall Festival/Carnival at your church … it sounds like a nifty event! I'm celebrating Halloween in Haiku at Small Reflections and published a SkyWatch/HaikuFriday for Sacred Ruminations. One more thing -- Please consider yourself BOO'd … and check yesterday's post at Small Reflections for details.
Hugs and blessings,

Patsy said...

Storyteller, thank you for the Boo.

Momisodes said...

What a lovely haiku of Halloween's past. We had a lovely evening of handing out candies, but there were certainly a few like the ones you mentioned, non-costumed and quiet.

Hope you had a lovely evening at your fall festival!

amanew said...

I make all of them say "Trick or Treat". The cutest was a little boy who held out his bag and just said "please". He got an extra piece. Glad you had fun.