Friday, October 24, 2008

Haiku Friday --- Women of Faith Conference

At the Toyota Center
The Women of Faith Conference
Praise be to the Lord.

My life has been blessed
I'm a chosen child of God
His lives in my heart

Walking with the Lord
I desire to feel Him close
Worship and praising

I seek to learn more
Sing His praise; to call His name
He is Yahweh Sabaoth.

So I shall attend
With daughter and many more
A weekend of praise


monica said...

have a great time! this is the first one i've missed in 10 years...

Cathy said...

Have wonderful weekend!

Vixen said...

Have a wonderful and blessed time!

Momisodes said...

Sounds like will treasure this time. Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your daughter :)

maggie's mind said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and a meaningful way to spend time with your daughter.