Thursday, October 2, 2008

Haiku Friday --- Salute to a First Graders

Salute to First Graders

reading, writing, math
subjects must be taught daily
little minds must learn

using context clues
choose the words that match the clues
yes you can, that's right

six red plus four green
count the answer learn the fact
next we will subtract

recess, lunch and p.e.
bodies grow stronger too
run, jump, twist and turn

your feelings got hurt
you didn't get to answer
but I really tried

your day is crammed full
preparing you for your life
thank you for that hug.

On Thursday I had the privilege to substitute in first grade. What a busy life those little lead. This is for them. They are wiggly and squirmy and full of answers, right or wrong. They talk to each other, they cry when their feeling are hurt but they all really want to please and learn. I had a great day with them. :)


Vixen said...

I taught first grade Religious Ed and it was my favorite of all the grades I taught (and I did them all).

This is a lovely ode to 1st graders, nice job.

kouji said...

ah yes, context clues. i loved learning about that.

amanew said...

Very nice. I like that.