Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Positive Meme

In Lou's blog today he posted this meme and tagged all who wanted to play. Below are the rules according to Lou in his words.

The rules are to write five positive things about yourself. I don’t care how goofy or weird those things are; I simply want them to be things you think are rad and that you absolutely believe with your whole heart. Like don’t hand me any “I’m a great mom!!” stuff if you actually think you’re only a pretty good mom. See what I mean? After you write your list, (tag five other people) tag anyone who wants to do it to compose a list. Maybe we can fight this blogfluitis, (five) however many bloggers at a time. Words inside parenthesis were marked out.

1. I'm a good teacher of small groups. I've always liked teaching and since I've begun working with small groups and actually seeing success I've decided I really am good at it. If you sit in the group with me you are going to learn because I won't accept anything less. I'll cheer you on, I'll help you all I can, and you will learn!

2. I'm a great cheerleader. I can usually talk people out of a funk, help them put a better spin on what is happening so it doesn't seem so dire. I've only began to realize that ability in the past couple of years after a couple of new friends told me that they loved how I always found the good in every situation. I didn't realize I do until it was pointed out -- I do know that I don't like to be around sour-pusses. If I do have to criticise then I try to do it in a way that is encouraging and not distructive.

3. If I do something wrong I'll admit it. I'll step up to the plate, say I'm sorry and try to make it right. I hate doing it, but heck, when you are wrong you are wrong. It isn't McDonald's fault that I'm overweight, or the cops fault that I was speeding, or the principals fault when I didn't get my reports in on time. Most mistakes can be fixed and forgiven if owned up to. I do not blame others for my mistakes.

4. I make adorable bears. Each one is different and by the time I finish one it has taken on its own personality. I play with them and they talk to me (and no, I'm not crazy). Each bear has a special meaning and when I'm making it, it seems to know who it will be for even if Idon't. Many of them have been sold in craft shows, but all of them were special and went to someone who really wanted that paticular bear. One woman even commented to me as she was buying that the bear because it seemed to call her over to buy it. She had had no intention of buying one when she did, but for some reason just couldn't resist.

5. I am a well rounded individual. I enjoy a variety of activities all with equal enthusiasm. I love to go to the theater, to the ballet or to the symphony as much as I love going to a football game, basketball game or other sporting event. I honestly will read anything handed to me or watch any movie you want to see. I'm open to new ideas, but have opinions of my own. I will sample food even if I'm a little leery of it. Technology scares me a little because I don't understand the magic (and it must be magic because that is the only thing that makes sense), but I'm willing to try to use new things.

So there you have it five positive things about me. How about you???? If you do this comment here and link back so I can see what is postive about you.

YEAH, the Texans finally won a game. Barely, but they won!!!!!


LceeL said...

I LOVE your five. You are a sweetheart.

calicobebop said...

Hi! I love your five things! I try to own up to my mistakes as quickly as possible too. As they say - bad news doesn't get better with age!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the "Lazy" picture below!

Momisodes said...

A great list! I had no idea you made bears :)

I'm terrible at #3. I suck at owning up to my mistakes. Something I need to work on.