Thursday, October 9, 2008

Haiku Friday --- A Haiku on Nothing

Haiku thoughts not here
I just couldn't do it right
Nothing seemed to fit

Some topics were tried
Inspiration would not come
Nothing made a spark.

Finally I thought
I would just write on nothing
But even that flopped.

So here you have it
A rambling pointless haiku
One that wasted time.

Sorry guys, I just couldn't get inspired today. Between a thousand things going on last night, not getting home until 10:30 pm and having to be at school early this morning with a cooked roast and some onion soup I just couldn't get inspired to write even my usual weak haiku. I tried several topic out --- even roast and onion soup ---- wouldn't work.
If you are curious the roast and onion soup were for the birthday celebration the teacher and staff have twice a year. The theme was *Medival Banquet* --- It was fun to visit with everyone at one time. For this hour and half the kids are watched by parents and the teachers get to just be with each other. It doesn't happen often in a social setting.


Vixen said...

That is the greatest haiku about nothing I have ever seen. Even when you are uninspired, you are really quite inspired!

Have a wonderful weekend.

storyteller said...

This happens to ALL of us from time to time. How you can call this a ‘flop’ is beyond me. It’s a marvelous example of how keeping your thoughts flowing produces fascinating results. I’m delighted that you shared. Sorry to be visiting later than usual … time got away from me yesterday … but I did publish on both blogs yesterday – SkyWatch/Haiku Friday at Sacred Ruminations and another HF post (in which I ‘reflect’ upon my upcoming Blogoversary) at Small Reflections containing a ‘Fall Thank You’ for all … just because.
Hugs and blessings,

Honey Mommy said...

That's a pretty good haiku about nothing! I had a hard time this week too. I had the photos, I just couldn't put my thoughts about them into haiku form. I got it done, but still wasn't sure I liked them!

Hopefully we will both be more inspired next week.

kouji | haiku said...

that roast sounds yummy. :O