Monday, October 27, 2008

And He Slept - Nevermore

The theme this week for head or tails is a scary story. I know this scared my hubby into believing in ghost.
A True Ghost Story

About nine years ago we lived in the little town of Canadian, Texas, in a charming (equivalent of little) house built in the early 1940s. This house came with a basement. Old, steep wooden stairs cut the basement into two sections. At the bottom of the stairs was a landing and you had to turn right to go two more steps into the basement. It was always dark and damp down there no matter what we did to lighten and dry it.

The first time my #2 daughter came to visit, a couple of months after we had moved in, she ventured into the basement for a look around. She returned very quickly and stated matter-of-factly that we had a ghost down there. I was unaware of her having any ability to detect the paranormal so the hubby and I just laughed it off. She was adamant, however, and refused to ever go back down those stairs.

We did find out several weeks later that the original owner of the house, who suffered from bouts of deep depression, had committed suicide in the basement.

Fast forward about 3 months. I had gone on an overnight trip leaving hubby at home. Now hubby can sometimes snore with the best of them. He has been known to loosen ceiling plaster when he gets into it, and on this paticular night he must have been going like a buzz saw in a lumber mill --- that is until he felt a hand on his shoulder and a voice exclaim, "Hey, Bud, you're keeping us awake."

He said he was instantly awake and saw a figure fade away as his eyes flew open. He also says he didn't snore anymore that night because he didn't sleep anymore -- that night.

We never had any other encounter with our "ghost". I have no idea if he/they left or we just never bothered them anymore. But the fact that hubby was visited has made a firm believer of him that ghost do exist and that they don't like someone snoring any better than the rest us.


Ladykli said...

oooooo! That's kinda scary Patsy. I would give anything to have a basement again but I'd pass on any ghost guests! LOL! (Especially seeing my hubby snores too!

anthonynorth said...

That would have been quite a shock for him. An intriguing story.

Honey Mommy said...

That is spooky!

I grew up in a house with a basement that always seemed dark and scary. Of course it is probably because I was so little at the time.

Momisodes said...


That would fah-reak me out.

We have a"interesting" stories since we moved into our old house.

Think your hubby can come over and spent a night to scare off whatever is in our house?

Carrie said...

I didn't NEVER go down the stairs again. I just didn't particularly LIKE going down the stairs. It's just like I've never been in Grandmother's "scary cellar." I see no reason for it.

As far as ability to detect the paranormal, I still don't know what made me tell you guys there was a ghost but I know that it was something very matter-of-fact that I just sort of knew.

Skittles said...

I tell ya.. stairs are scary things. Ever notice how bad things happen to people in movies when they either go upstairs or downstairs?

If this would have been my house, I might have moved. ;)

Welcome to HoT. :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Patsy! Lord have mercy----I would have packed my bags and got a motel room. Then, put the house up on the Market!!

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope your Tuesday was a super one.

Have a great week ahead too.

Judy said...

Welcome to HoT...and thanks for the visit. I've always kept an open mind about ghosts..but I'm sure an experience like that would have made a believer of me as well!

peppylady said...

How a ghost in your basement how cool.
I know I'm strange.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mary said...


What a story! I'm glad that whatever woke your hubby up didn't bother you again.

I have lived in a few old houses and have had a few experiences. One frightened the heck out of me and I moved as soon as possible. We have also had a few odd experiences in the house we live in now. It was built in 1856. I wish it could tell stories of the people who have lived here before us.

Thanks for a fun read.

maggie's mind said...

Aghh! Creeptacular! Fun story, thought, and if I become a ghost, I'm sure I'll still not like snoring, too. At least ghosty is reasonable, right? ;)