Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Day in the Life

Every once in a while a student will say something that just tickles me. Such was the case on Tuesday.

I work with a group of second graders for about 30 minutes each day and have to rush from them back to a fifth grade group. When it was time for the boys to leave I was rushing them out explaining that I had to get back to the main building to teach a group of fifth graders. At this point on little looked at me and said, "You teach fifth grade too? You must be smart."

Yep, I'm smart enough to teach fifth grade too.

As I was nearing home today, driving through a school zone I saw light flashing behind me and then heard the sierne of a police car. I moved to the far right as he raced by. I pulled back into the left lane to make the turn to go home when I notice the police was turning just one block on up the road, so I did something I don't normally do. I went on down the street and turned behind him. I was curious about what had our local police in such a hurry. I soon found out. There had been a wreck at the corner I needed to turn on to get to my house. There was a car upside down in the ditch right at the corner. I'm not sure how the driver of the car had managed to accomplish that feat, but he had. I had to back track back up the street and take a long way around to the house. By the time I drove back by the ambulance was there. I have no idea if anyone was hurt but it did have all the neighbors out gawking. Gotta love small towns.

I would have walked down and gawked with them, but Robert called about that time and reminded me that I was supposed to be at the house closing. No, we didn't buy a new house, but we did refinance the one we are in. Talk about writer's cramps. I lost count of the number of times I signed my name or initialed but we did get a great rate 4.75 fixed for 20 years.

Then I cooked supper -- yes, I actually cooked a meal. Robert gets a meal at least once a week.
Then off to choir practice. Now a little TV and blogging. Life is good.


Hootin' Anni said...

Good happy Thursday to you dear Patsy...I finished the interview and have it posted today.

I'm a lookie-loo when it comes to accidents in the neighborhood too. I had to laugh ARE a smart lady to be sure. Gotta love those kids.

Momisodes said...

That is so sweet what the student said :)
4.75 FIXED!?!?! That is awesome!

Many years ago, I was in a terrible wreck (thankfully, I was alright). I definitely remember how people from all over came creeping out of the woodwork to stare at me.
I hope that everyone was alright in the accident.

Julie said...

Growing up in Minnesota, I have seen lots of cars in the ditch, but until I lived in Tucson I had not seen many upside down. Tucson is weird that way -- I saw half a dozen or more cars, cars, not top heavy SUVs or wobbly Jeeps, but sedans, upside down on city streets.

I don't know why, other than people drive too fast on the city streets and the requirements for getting a license are pretty lax in AZ.

That kid's comment is cute. Kids that age haven't yet learned to mock and ridicule other kids when they express interest or wonder in stuff, and thus are fun and funny. My daughter's sixth grade class is not cute and funny, can you tell?

Hootin' Anni said...

Okay Patsy, to play the 10 things you love, your list will all begin with the letter "H".

Have fun. And let me know when you've played and completed. I love reading these.

storyteller said...

Loved the conversation with the student ... it's something I miss being retired. Congrats on the excellent rate on your refi ... that's the rate I'm paying on my loan with 9 years left to go.
Hugs and blessings,