Sunday, January 25, 2009

It Tickled Her Funny Bone & Unconscious Mutterings

I wouldn't say my life is dull, but it is very routine. We do much the same thing each day of the week. Monday through Friday is work with various things happening to keep us entertained, but nothing all that exciting. We share with each other many of the funny or cute things that happen and because I have shared with him I often forget that some of it would be stuff I could write about here. Here is one such story that I haven't shared with Robert. I'm not sure he would appreciate it.

Yesterday while at a meeting of the Women's Ministry Steering Committee, which I still can't figure out why I'm a member of, Carolyn our leader got a phone call. Now you need to know that Carolyn is a very quiet woman who has one of those sweet soft voices and who is lot of fun while being proper at all times.

When she gets off the phone she begins to laugh and I'm talking laughing to the point of crying. We were a little concerned. I've seen Carolyn laugh before but not like this.

It had been her husband on the phone. He just called to tell her he was going to the store to buy bread. That was it --- She looked at us and asked, "How was I to respond to that?" It tickled her funny bone and ours that he felt it necessary to let her know. We weren't sure if he was asking permission, letting her know he knew were the grocery store was, or if it was his way of chastising her for not having bought bread the day before.

Men -- and they say women are hard to figure out.

The I say :: You think meme

  1. Unwanted :: News

  2. You’d better :: do it now

  3. Woman :: man

  4. Weighed :: rejoice (the scales have gone down the past couple of weeks)
  5. Upright :: piano

  6. I feel :: pretty, oh so pretty and witty and bright
    (edited because I have friends who help)

  7. Ill :: sick

  8. It’s like :: you know

  9. Poor man :: rich man

  10. Great :: excellent


The Social Frog said...

Yay for #4 :)
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Ladykli said...

It was probably because he wanted acknowlegdement that he was going to the store to buy bread. When Rick does something around the house he wants me to acknowlegde that he did a good thing.

You're #6 reminds of the song from West Side Story. "I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!"

Thanks for your last comment on my blog. It makes me feel better knowing somebody else feels the same way I do!


Yes, yes, yes, to number four!!! Mine are going down, too.


Julie said...

Yay! For #4, and I like #8...except I can't think of what song it reminds me of, it was in the movie Shrek.

Which will bug me for hours.

And men. Truly a mystery.

storyteller said...

Thanks for visiting my mutterings at Small Reflections. I agree that variety is a good thing! Congratulations on your weight loss. I need to focus on this too.
Hugs and blessings,