Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 in Review

According to my sister over at Losing Myself Thrusday Thirteen has been dicontinued because of an illness in the family. Seems I missed the official blog about that. Miss two weeks and the world changes. Different individuals are picking up the slack and hosting from their sites -- one such place is at jayadee.

I was all ready to post a wonderful Thursday Thirteen, but when I clicked on the link to said meme it wasn't there. That in itself sent my world into a tizzy. I went to a couple of blog sites that I knew usually participated in the TT world hoping to find the link to where ever TT had moved, but to no avail. I can't find it. I Googled it, but to no avail. Where has it gone?

The list I was going to leave is a look at 2008 month by month. I know there are only 12 months so I was going to be one short --- I really feel everyone would be relieved or would have quit reading by month 6 and would never miss the fact that there was no 13 or I would have figured out some happy quirky thing to add for 13.

Since there is no Thursday Thirteen I'm just going to post my list anyway and hope someone stumbles upon it and get a smile from my ramblings.

January -- The Texas Association of Fairs and Events Convention was held in Austin. The highlight of the convention was winning the $5000 ($1250 of which was my share) calcutta raffle. You can read about it here.

February -- Robert and I attend the Junior Service League's annual Charity Ball. We were dressed to kill, as seen here.

March -- I went to Amarillo for a short visit, Robert went to Kerville with the Lions for a work day at the camp and we hosted two young ladies and their sponsor from India. You can read all about March here.

April -- We got the call that Robert's mom was really going down hill and that hospice was being contacted. Of course we traveled to Amarillo to be with family, but traveled back home knowing that Helen's days were going to be short. I attended a Women's Retreat hosted by our church. That was a refreshing time for me. Of course, I blogged about it here. The gripping news that Preston had been in an vehicle accident came right at the end of the month. He has survived and is doing well --- a miracle from God.

May -- I attended the Britton Family Reunion with Mom and Daddy. What fun to visit cousins I hadn't seen in years and then had my sister, Jo and her husband come visit me for my birthday.
And then I went to Albuquerque to visit #2 daughter. It's all recorded here.

June -- The big trip to England, Ireland and Scotland happened the end of June. It was an awesome trip and I've posted about it several times.

July -- Our friends Peter and Mary (or Merih as it is actually spelled) were married and I helped her put her wedding together and then hosted the small reception. Here is an account of that event. Amy came down for a visit, but it was cut short by the passing of Robert's mom.

August -- I don't think I did a blooming thing in August. There is nothing on the calendar that made that month special.

September -- Robert and I went on the Chamber Cruise the sixth through the eleventh. We got back to town just as Ike decided to rev up his strength and head for Galveston. It was an exciting couple of days as we waited for --- well were we are -- nothing.

October -- I started by tutoring job, helped Robert (very little this year) with the Rice Festival Parade, and attended the Women of Faith conference. Just check out the month of October for blogs about all of those.

November -- The highlight of this month was the trip to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving. What fun we had. I recorded part of it here.

December -- This month has just past. I was busy all month, doing what I'm not sure. I went to practices for handbells and choir and participated in the programs each performed. I hosted a small Christmas gathering for the leadership team, and I had Christmas with my family. It was a wonderful month.

There you have it a quick look at the year just past. We were blessed in many ways. Robert and I are both in good health, we both have jobs that are secure, and we have a wonderful friends around us and family we love. All I can say is, "Life is good. Yes, life is good."


Ladykli said...

Sounds like it was a good year Patsy! Here's to an even better one in '09!

Hopefully Thursday 13 will be back soon!

Hootin' Anni said...

Well, I certainly enjoyed your months/year in review. It's always been a dream of mine to go to Ireland. Some day....some day!!!! [color me green with envy]

I read on someone else's post that Thursday 13 has been discontinued because of illness in the family! So we'll have to come up with something for Thursday. LOLOLOL

Happy 2009

Losing Myself said...

Can't believe you didn't read the blog on TT that there is illness in the family (a child with lukemia, I believe) and it has been discontinued. However, I had a comment from jayadee that she is continuing TT here:

So you can post it there.

Happy New Year, Sis. Was good seeing you at Christmas.

storyteller said...

What a lovely way to end the year with a review like this. I took an easier route to do the 'Yearly Review Meme' using the opening from the first month of east post at Small Reflections, but maybe I'll do THIS next year? If you'd like to 'snag' the 'elephant' award I left there, feel free ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

jayedee said...

thanks for your tt! we can keep this alive if we try! see you next thursday!