Monday, January 12, 2009

New Little Computer Talk

Here I sit on the couch by hubby, watching TV and typing my blog on the little acer computer I got us for Christmas. Actually I got it for us after Christmas, but in my world that is very much beside the point. I really don't like buying presents for Robert --- I never know what to get him and he really isn't all that exciting a person to give a present to.

I like for the recipient of presents I give to react with joy and glee. I usually put thought into the present -- worrying over it, hoping to get something they will a least appreciate. My girls learned early how to react. Shouts of, "Look what I got!" whether real or fake could be heard along with "Thank you sooooo much." Or just a laugh and a "Look at this." something, some reaction.

Robert doesn't react nor does he even act curious about a gift. If something shows up under the tree for him he doesn't try to figure out what it is or pester anyone about it. It's as if he doesn't care. He says he likes things, and he says, "Thank you." but something is usually just missing.

So back to getting us this little computer. I knew I wanted it so I could sit on the couch and blog or facebook or any other thing I was into if I wanted to. But I also wanted to have a second computer in the house. One that Robert could play free cell, spider or hearts on instead of on the desk top when I'm itching to be on the computer working on photos and other things.

A friend told me about this little computer she had seen that was the size of sheet of paper and only cost about $350. I couldn't believe it -- a laptop for so little. Granted it doesn't have tons of memory or a cazillion things fancy about it. It came with Windows XP and wireless Internet ready. Beyond that not much that I've found, needed or wanted. That may be all it is capable of
doing but for my purposes it is perfect.

For Robert there is hearts, spider and free cell. Yesterday evening he even went on line and found out were the closest Men's Wearhouse is located. I would have been doing that for him if
Little Ace weren't here.

Now back to Robert and reaction on receiving gifts. I've learned with him that he really needs to have something in his possession for a bit before he can appreciate it. He doesn't like to have things thrust upon him and to immediately get into it. This little gift has been well received, but it had to win him over.

Buy him some new clothes and he doesn't have to have a fashion show. Heck, they may hang in the closest for two or three days before he even tries them on.

Such is my life. I want enthusiasm -- I've got Robert.


Losing Myself said...

Sounds a LOT like Joe. As a matter of fact, I don't think I got him a Christmas gift this year. He was supposed to pick something out that he wanted/needed, but he couldn't even do that. LOL At least I picked out a new crockpot (mine gave up the ghost recedntly)!

Carrie said...

I've got the Paul version which is slightly more enthusiastic once you can convince him not to buy stuff for himself. I've only occassionally been able to surprise him with a gift.

But, yeah, Dad's response is always a little lackluster--not that I don't think he appreciates gifts but it's not very enthusiastically received. And of course, if something is said, he does that dippy over-excited thing. Can't win for trying. :)

Ladykli said...

And they say women are hard to understand. Rick is from a large family (1 of 9) so he shows the enthusiasum. However, it is hard to find the right gift. We usually buy something we want and than wrap it ourselves or pretend to give it to each other. That's how I got my bread machine several years ago. This year I gave him a George Forman Grill. Just want I always wanted. LOL! I will give him credit; he is usually good at picking out clothes for me! Sounds like a cute computer; if computers can be considered cute.

Julie said...

We were looking at those little computers before Christmas, but Mark decided the espresso machine was more crucial to me. And he was right! I got an IPod Touch for my birthday, which I have been negligent and not blogged about yet, but it has internet access, I can check my email while I am on our new elliptical trainer -- I only almost fell off a couple times trying to check email yesterday...

I am pretty sure, though, we will be getting one of those little computers sooner or later, because we seem to come to NEED those new gadgets...

Mark is pretty good about expressing some emotion about gifts. I didn't know how lucky I am in that regard!

JoGrandmama said...

It must be that mars/venus thing. Jerry's learned and sometimes remembers to react but not to OVERDO it. It's hard for them, and I've learned to roll with it thanks to the wonderful pills I take. :)