Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #8

After last weeks more serious Thursday Thirteen , it's time to go to something lighter. Something fun and frivolous. Something that doesn't take any brains to do. I thought about just blogging thirteen simple math problems for you to cruise through. Get me back in the mood to do my tutoring job --- but that depressed me because I may not have that job back. (It is grant funded and who knows if the grant will come through, plus one or two more reasons.) So I'm posting a list of 13 things and people who are fast because during the Olympics we become even more obsessed with FAST --- as if time isn't passing fast enough.

1.... Microwaves I remember when it took a good hour or more to prepare a meal. Now if the food isn't ready in 15 minutes it has taken too much of my time!
2.... Phones I only go back to the rotary dial phone so don't go thinking I'm turning a crank and talking to *Rita the local operator*. But there was something magical about dialing a nine and watching as the dial s l o w l y spun back for the next number. But then again you only had to dial 4 numbers, not the 10 minimum we now have to have.
3.... Text messaging This is not something that I've gotten into, but I'm beginning to see the advantage. When a text message comes in you don't have to listen to that voice give you all the same information you already know. Boom it's there and you can respond as you like.
4.... Email. When was the last time you actually wrote a full letter, put it in an envelope with a stamp and mailed it? Not just a quick thank you note or an invitation, but an honest heartfelt letter?
5.... Blow driers. It has been years since I've sat under a hooded dryer with curlers in my hairs. And we thought those hooded dryers were soooooo fast!
6.... Curling irons. What would we women do without out our curling irons, flat irons, crimping irons ---- and the list could go on. As a mother of three girls we used to own all of those and most of them in quantities of at least 3. But personally I've not missed sleeping in poky rollers. :)
7.... Speed Limit Do you remember having to drive 55 mph everywhere you went. That was murder on me. I was stopped many times on the open highways of the Texas panhandle. I think I met every HP out there and most of the time I was traveling in the 70 to 75 mph range. OK, daughters reading this there was that one time I was going over 100, but that was an exception. :)
8.... The Internet When this all started Dial-up was fast, then came speed. I was one of the last turtles to join this particular speed revolution, and I know I don't now even have a fast connection. AT&T keep telling me I can upgrade to more speed, but right now I'm happy with my DSL connection.
9.... Micheal Phelps Everything that could be said has been --- I'll just say driven, competitive.
10.. Dara Torres I put her in even though she didn't win goal, my goodness she is 40+ years old and winning SILVER in record time. ---- My hero!
11.. Usain Bolt Young, cocky, FAST
12.. Jamaica Track Whatever they are doing, it seems to be working.
13.. My Clock, Calendar, Life We all know the saying *Time flies when you're having fun.* I must be having lots of fun, because time is flying by. Have a wonderful day, and enjoy each moment of it.

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The Mocha Mom said...

Great list, I am up too.

Jennifer said...

LOL @ the old phone... one ringy dingy... twooo ringy dingysss....

This was a good list! I like the idea!

Dawn said...

Isn't it amazing how fast technology makes things nowadays? Crazy! :-)

Yasmin said...

Happy TT...and I love how you tied this to FAST...good luck with your job and I hope funding is found.

Donna said...

I swear I thought I commented earlier... Great TT!

LceeL said...

Over 100 MPH? Day-um woman! where WERE you going? or, better yet, why?

And I remember picking up the phone and talking to the operator, telling her what number you wanted. Numbers like Bishop 7 1000. Lawndale 1 2048. Flash hooking the operator when she didn't come on line quickly enough, saying "Operator? Operator?" And she would come online and say "What number, please?" and I'd say "Hi, Ethel, I wanna talk to Bobby, he lives across the street" and Ethel would say "I am going to TELL your mother." because she knew my Mom and she also knew I was NOT permitted to make phone calls.

Patsy said...

Lou -- would you believe that I thought I was going to be late to a basketball game that my daughter was going to sit on the bench during. Oh, and the minor thing of being the stat keeper for the team. The HP didn't think that was a valid reason for speeding to that extent. Then when I got there I found out the time for the game had been pushed back nearly an hour --- Oh well --- LIFE.

Patsy said...
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Di said...

Hi! Your list is sooooo NOT lamer than mine!

Btw, I love that you thing "while you're up" is your indian name. That is just too funny!!

amanew said...

Cute list this week. I remember you getting stopped on more than one occasion going to our B-Ball games. And I thank you for your dedication.