Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things I Wish I Could Do

1.... I wish I could sing well. I sing in the adult choir at church, but mine is just a voice in the choir -- a warm body -- volume when it is needed. I wish I could sing like any of the young ladies who make it to the finals on American Idol. I don't want the fame just the voice.

2.... I wish I could dance ballet. That has been something I've wanted to do since I was about 10 years old and read a book entitled On Your Toes Susie. That's right it was about a little girl taking ballet lessons who got to dance the prima donna part in the recital because she finally could dance on point. Opportunity never availed itself and I don't think I have the build for a ballerina.

3.... I wish I could paint. Oh, I can do a little sketching --- mostly to entertain my students or my grandchildren. But I wish I knew more about art and design and creating. I can copy, but I don't have the inner eye to create.

4.... I wish I could sculpt. Remember when you brought a bar of soap to school and had to use a knife to carve it into something. I ended up with a pile of soap shaving. And what about that lump of clay --- even in college mine looked strangely sick. More like some monster from a bad horror movie than a man walking.

5.... I wish I could swim. With the summer Olympics coming I'll sit and watch the speed swimmers and admire each stroke of their arms in the water knowing that the next time I'm in the pool and I have to swim I'll be luck not to drown.

6.... I wish I could do synchronized swimming. Again these ladies amaze me. My sisters and I used to play this game when we were silly girls. All of our routines were done with our heads above water though --- none of us liked water in our faces.

7.... I wish I could write. Here I mean something worthwhile. Things that would entertain and or give food for thought. I read so many of the blogs and have writer's envy; so many of you are very talented and don't even realize your own talent.

8.... I wish I could do gymnastics. The Olympics call again. My husband hates watching the women competing, but hang on every movement. My body tenses and relaxes with each competitor. I know I could have been a great gymnast given opportunity. Why was I born in a small town in the south before gymnastics was offered on every street corner?????

9.... I wish I could ride horses. Now that is one I could probably learn to do even at the age I am now. I don't want to do team roping or any thing like that. Western riding has never interested me, but equestrian riding, jumping, steeple chasing now that is horseback riding.

10... I wish I could speak a foreign language. I don't have a gift for languages. I have taken Spanish and when native speakers get over their giggles we can figure things out. I am better at understanding than speaking and I'm far from saying that I speak or even comprehend Spanish. Heck, some people don't even consider me fluent in English.

11... I wish I could take pictures like a photographer. I mean those awesome pictures of people, place and things we see in Life Magazine of old. On occasion I have gotten that shot, but it has always been accidentally done and not repeated often.

12... I wish I could be an actress. Fear, lack of confidence, poor memory these all play a part in not pursuing this wish at the local community theatre. What few times I've been on stage I'm very stilted and uncomfortable not what great actresses are.

13... I wish I could save the world. That sounds like a contestant in a beauty pageant, but I'm totally out of things I wish I could do and saving the world is something we should all be concerned with --- notice this is a green blog. :)

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Yasmin said...

I wish I could do everything on your list...but I'm happy I can swim.
please visit my blog;

Debbie~ said...

We have a lot of the same wishes...I've always wished I could belt out a song...and have more than my shower head for a mike...:) Happy TT!