Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen Random Things

1.... A couple of weeks ago going into handbells I met a group of junior high age girls coming out of handbells -- nothing strange there until I noticed one wearing a tiara. Why?

2.... The cell phone *gods* smiled on me yesterday. My cell phone was lost and returned yesterday in a span of about 20 minutes. For the complete story go here.

3.... Things will blow out of the backseat of a convertible when driving 60 mph -- a plastic bag with an empty coke can in it. Wasn't expecting that to happen.

4.... My neighbor thinks its fun to move my fire hydrant dog up and down the street. So far it has been in about 5 different yards. (It's a 18 in high dog with a hiked back leg that I have beside the hydrant at the corner of my yard)

5.... I've now made a week long project last almost 3 weeks. I really am going to finish painting the back bedroom soon.

6.... My foot didn't hurt at all on Wednesday. Maybe not walking Wednesday morning was a good thing -- or maybe it had nothing to do with the foot not hurting. I'll keep wearing that night brace for a bit long just to be sure. Not pain this morning either and we walked. I'm thinking maybe, just maybe I've gotten it well.

7.... We had a substitute director at choir Wednesday night. Young, thin with long shapely arms. She was directing in a sleeveless blouse --- no arm flab, just graceful movement. I loved watching her direct ---- bringing in each part, directing crescendos and holds with such grace and style. It was just a delight.

8.... I love the Sonic commercials. They have the best ad people. The three different pairs always are up to something. Don't ask for a favorite, they all make me laugh.

9.... I had a light hearted discussion with my oldest daughter on vanity. It seems I have a reputation in my family of being vain. I have yet to figure out why. True I don't leave the house without make-up and combing my hair and I try to wear clothing befitting the occasion. But vain -- I think not. I'm not conceited about by looks, but I do think it important to put my best foot forward at all times.

10... I am not a politically minded person. I will be so glad when this election is over and there are no more political ads on TV. Yes I care about out nation, I just don't like all the rhetoric. I have done some studying I know who I will vote for --- not that either man will do what I think should be done ---- I just want it to be OVER! The DNC nor the RNC have received nor will receive any of my viewing time. I miss the Olympics. :(

11... My granddaughter has now been in *school* four days. According to her mom she is loving it. Each morning she goes bouncing into the school with her dog ears just a flapping. The second morning she insisted on going in by herself and as she started toward the school door she stopped, turned back to her mom and said, "I'll enjoy myself, and I'll listens." Then was off to face the day.

12... I will be celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary with my husband of 30 years. (isn't that a redundant statement?) We don't exchange gifts usually. I have gotten the odd bouquet of flowers in previous years and I have given him odd little things along, but never a big blow out. I think it is because we are too lazy to actually put effort into buying gifts. We bought a new riding lawn mower the first of July and with it I said Happy Anniversary --- also we are going on a cruise September 6 --- again we just say Happy *Whatever* and move on. We like out life. No pressure this way.

13... I told you this was random thoughts. I'm much better at keeping appointments than I am making them. I have been intending to make a dental appointment to have my teeth cleaned now for a year. Usually when I have them cleaned I just set up the appointment for six months down the road. Since we have moved I didn't make one when I was in last --- well that was a year ago and I still don't have an appointment with a new dentist office. Should get off this computer and pick up the phone. :)

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LceeL said...

Happy Anniversary, Patsy. And do put your best foot forward. Always.

We get those Sonic commercial on cable TV in our area - which is strange - because there isn't a Sonic with 100 miles.

Donna said...

Okay, mom... I thought we decided you aren't vain, just high maintenance :) (I love you, Moma!)

colleen said...

I love those quirky Sonic commercials too.

You know the founder of TT meant for the list to be random like this, sort of like 100 things about me, only 13. Fun read!

Di said...

The tiara thing cracked me up! So did the neighbor moving your fire hydrant dog.

What's wrong with your foot?

I COMPLETELY agree with the whole political thing. I'm sick of it all.

I am the EXACT same way about making appts. In fact, since you reminded me I'll call and make an appt for my annual (6 mos late).


Patsy said...

Amy: Yes I did that before only with the handset to our cordless phone.
Colleen: I love quirky.

Di: I think I have planter fasciatus. It is much better. Thanks for the comments.

Christie O. said...

happy anniversary! wow! 30 years! i hope my husband and i keep the fire going like it looks like you guys have!

Laura said...

I actually need to find a new dentist, too...I HATE doing that.