Friday, August 8, 2008

Let the Games Begin

Just finished watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics. Can you join me in a WOW? We turned over just as the dignitaries were coming in and I watched to the dedication at the very end given by NBC to Jim McKay. I was very impressed with each part of it --- the drums, the flying muses, the dancing painters, the oarsmen, each part. Even the marching in of all the countries -- many of which I had never heard of and will probably not hear of again until 2012. I don't know what my favorite part was but I can tell you what I was a little disappointed in --- the torch lighting. The man running in air around the top was pretty spectacular, but the actual lighting of the main torch didn't hold up to the rest of the evening (my opinion). You would have to go a long way to beat the arrow being shot into the torch in Athens to win my vote for best torch lighting. (If you read my comments you will see that I have been corrrected about this. It seems that what I'm remembering didn't happen 4 years ago, but actually 16 years ago in Barcelona.) I just know that Great Britain who is hosting the 2012 Games will have to work hard to live up to what we saw tonight.

Earlier today (well from 8:00 this morning until 4:00) I attended an instructional work shop for the computer program we will have at the Blessing school. I think it will be a beneficial program and one that will allow teachers to actually use computer technology more efficiently. I went because it can be used with the Study Island program I use tutoring, and I wanted to know how it all works. I'm excited about the prospects. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I will actually get to use it. The principal wasn't too sure that the program I work under is even going to have money made available for it this year. Can you say the economy is hurting?

I got a phone call from Robert this afternoon about 4:30 asking if I wanted to go to Dead Wood with Peter and Mary then to supper at the American Legend in Blessing. I begrudgingly agreed to this and he said he would come pick me up and then we would go. I sat down in the foyer of the school to wait for him. After I had been there for what seemed like forever, but had in reality only been about 20 minutes I got a second call from Robert who's first words were, "Where are you?"
My reply was, "In Blessing waiting for you." He had forgotten that I was going to the workshop today and thought I was home. Surprise, surprise, surprise when he got home and I wasn't there. He said my comment about seeing him in about 45 minutes made sense then. Seems we had had a miscommunication. The dinner together with P&M had been changed to tomorrow night. After that I didn't prepare a meal --- it was just a eat what you can find night.

That was my day. ---- Hope yours was good to. :)


amanew said...

I agree that the lighting part was not as impressive as others. The arrow shot was in the 1992 games in Barcalona though not in Athens. You can go to youtube and find it.

Donna said...

Athens had the big dipping cigar (or joint) looking thing. I remember it now.

Patsy said...

Thanks for looking that up for me. :) Guess I should have checked out when it happened. I seemed like it was just 4 years ago - 1992 hummm 16 years ago - my time does fly!!! It is still my favorite - actually the only one that impressed me enough that I even remember it.