Tuesday, August 26, 2008

There's a Fire! and Where's My Phone?

Event I. About 4:oo I heard siren that sounded like they were headed down out road. Because our neighbor down the street had had a fire in his house and we didn't find out about it for several days I had decided I was going to start checking out what was happening whenever I heard a siren. I stepped out the front door and saw the fire truck and the huge tanker coming down our street. They turned the corner before they got to the house so I walked across the drive to look around the house expecting to see the apartments at the end of that street on fire. That is not what I was.

There is a large vacant area behind our house that is mowed and baled on a regular bases. The bales are moved to the far end by a dirt road that runs there. Someone had set those bales on fire. I can't believe I hadn't notice them burning. The wind was carrying the smoke away from our house though. Before it was all said and done there was lots of smoke and the wind shifted causing the smoke to come right over our house. We had a little smokey smell in the house, but not bad.

Hopefully they will find who set the fire, but I have a feeling it was just some kids doing what kids shouldn't be doing. Pretty exciting stuff though with the big tanker spraying water, a little bobcat type tractor pushing bales around, firemen walking around, an ambulance sitting ready, and lots and lots of stinky smoke.

Event II. When Robert got home from work he and I headed out with food to take to a friend who has just lost his father. When Robert went to put the fruit tray in the backseat of the 'tang the lid popped loose so I went around to help him. I laid my phone on the back of the car. You think you already know where this is going. Right? ----

We drove off making five turns before we get to Nichols Street, which is a back road to get across town. About half-way to Paul and Gennie's I reached for my phone when it wasn't in my purse or in the cup holder I commented to Robert that I had left my phone at home.

As we pulled up the other couple we were meeting with more food were there at the curb. Sheila was on her cell phone and as she walked toward us I heard her say, "The person you want to talk to is right here. I'll hand the phone to her."

A male voice answered when I said hello. He had my cell phone and wanted to get it back to me.
He said when we turned the corner onto Nichols he saw it go sliding off the back of the car hit the ground and skid to the edge of the road. Can you believe that he stopped and picked it up. He said he was trying to figure out how to find out who it belonged to when it rang. It was Sheila calling to find out how far we were from P&G's.

I love Sheila's version. She said she was startled when a male voice that didn't sound like Robert answered. He quickly told her he was hoping to find out who the phone belonged to -- that he had seen it slide off the back of a red mustang and he answered hoping whoever was calling could help him. Sheila told him she knew exactly who it belonged to and was getting paper to take his phone number down when we drove up.

I was able to meet him at a service station on the side of town we were on as he was heading home from a day of work. There really are good people here --- not just weirdos.

Obviously the phone still works, and isn't too much worse for the wear. I had to take a nail file and smooth down a couple of rough edges caused from the gouges, and some of the smooth black is now dulled, but hey, the phone still works. Amazing. LG makes one tough little phone.

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amanew said...

Nice people make you smile. I am happy that you got your phone back. Isnt' that the second phone that you lost off the back of the car?