Friday, August 22, 2008

Haiku Friday --- Two Miles Each Day

Haiku Friday

Alarm sounds, stretch and go
The air is hot and humid;
Down the street we stride.

Accelerate the pace.
"We haven't seen that before."
Chatter as we go.

Perspiration rolls,
Trickling down our necks and backs
One more lap to walk.

Round the last corner,
Slow the pace, breath deeply
Our health just took GOLD.


monica @ transplanting me said...

good for you! i so need to do something - what makes it so hard to start?

Jenn in Holland said...

I LOVE walking! (Is it walking?) And I especially love walking with friends! What a great sentiment about Health taking GOLD. Fabulous haiku!

LceeL said...

Great haiku - I'm breathing hard just reading it.

ya ya's mom said...

nice 'ku, thanks for visiting my blog :)

Donna said...

great one! Is your foot still feeling better?

Rachel said...

Wonderful Haiku!
Great way to take care of yourself mentally and physically :-)
Happy Friday.

storyteller said...

How wonderful to get out there and EXERCISE! I used to do this more regularly than I have of late, but I always feel better with movement than without. Thanks for dropping my my ‘wispy cloud’ haiku at Sacred Ruminations earlier. Lotsa folks on the waiting list for a visit here already ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

maggie's mind said...

Excellent! I started walking a couple miles a day with the work ladies when I quit smoking, and I love the way it feels just taking the time out to take care of myself. The sweat isn't so fun, but it's worth it. ;)

Mom24 said...

Good for you! I love walking...I'm out of the routing now, because of summer, I guess. I'm looking forward to getting back to it.