Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just Rambling Thoughts

I read a blog today by a young mother. It is beautifully written. I wish I had her talent for writing, but her comments and several of the comments from her readers made we wonder about young mothers today. They all seem overwhelmed by motherhood and the demands of a family, work, life. I understand some of those feelings -- I remember them. I was a working mother, but I knew my girls were being taken care of by competent people and that when they had me they had a pretty good role model if not the most nurturing mother.
I really don't remember struggling with wanting to be different. When the little girl in me needed to be play she did. I played with the girls. We looked at clouds and found shapes, we listened to silly songs and belted them out, we watched creepy spiders and bugs crawl across the floor after we finished squealing and before stomping or mashing it. Those were good times.
I don't remember wanting time just for me --- I took time for me when I needed it. I found those extra minutes go to the gym and to read something other than papers for school (mostly smutty novels) and I marched on thinking life was good --- no make that knowing life is good. I still look at clouds and find shapes, occasionally one of those silly songs pops into my head and I sing it loudly and proudly, and I'll still watch a bug before killing it (I do miss having someone to squeal with though).
I don't remember struggling with be an *adult* as many of the young bloggers seem to. As my own children seem to. Maybe I did but just didn't have the venue to express my feeling or to even explore them. Each day was a blessing and I got through it the best I could. I made mistakes (like buying a kit car and then having the kit for 20 year before selling it for a fraction of what I paid for it) but I learned from that mistake and the others and moved on.
Am I the only one who feels this way? Is life that much harder for young mothers today than it was 32 years ago? Did I really have it that much better? Rambling thoughs as I sit and wonder about life.

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mommysjibberjabber said...

I came to your blog because of your Thirteen Thursday post. I decided to read what other posts you had and this struck a note in me. I'm 29, but I find it difficult to be a new parent. I have a 9month old son and as much as I enjoy parenthood (very much so), it is so difficult financially and my lack of my family support. Maybe this has a little to do with it. Some women I know make parenting look like the easiest thing. Koodos to you. I know otherwise but sometimes it's just easier to voice your fears. Perhaps that's the easiest way to reach out and network with other moms? Thanks for the post!