Sunday, August 3, 2008

"To the Pirate Ship," She Exclaimed

Squeals of delight. Those are the sounds you hear when you take Abigail and Benjamin to an amusement park.
I hadn't been to an amusement park in a while but reclaimed the thrill when we took Abby, Ben and family to Wonderland Park the evening of July 20. What a fun evening it was --- even if I found out I still can't ride the Tilt-a-Whirl without getting nauseous.
The first fast ride we rode was the tubes. It is a water ride where you just sit in a raft and slide down a twisting turning tube with water splashing around you and dripping on you. When Abby and I boarded this ride I knew she was going to have fun. As soon as we left the loading area she began to scream and squeal --- not from freight, but from pure delight to be going fast and to be getting wet. I could do nothing but laugh and join her is screaming and squealing. The smiles on our faces are evidence that we were happy! Robert said they could hear us all the way down. Amy had Ben with her right behind us. I don't think they squealed as much, but you could tell it was going to be a fun evening for everyone.

Abigail loves rides. She wanted to ride everything! It made do difference to her if it went fast or went slow, when up and down, went round and round, or went some weird combination of them she loved them all, wanted to ride them all and couldn't seem to get enough. Another ride I really enjoyed riding with Abby was the Pirate Ship. We rode it with Carrie the first time and sat in the middle not knowing for sure how Abby would take to going that high --- silly us. I think she would have loved it if she had been in the end seat that went the highest. Only problem was she is so light and just at the height requirement that she would actually lift off the seat when the swing reached it apex and started back the other way -- the time when your stomach does that funny thing. Close to the end of the evening after the sun had gone down, we had had hot dogs for supper and Abby and I had eaten a whole bag of cotton candy by ourselves I asked if she wanted to ride the Pirate Ship again. She shouted, "To the Pirate Ship!" and literally began running. I looked back at Amy and family told them where we were headed and ran to catch up. The line was short when we got there and Dave (Daddy) caught up with us and rode with us. We sat a little further back from the middle. Dave kept one hand firmly on Abby's leg to keep her from flying out because this time she didn't hold on the bar. Her arms were slung above her head as she squealed with delight --- which caused great smiles from the people facing us that the little girl across from them was having such a grand time.
At the end of the evening I asked her what her favorite ride is and she exclaimed without hesitation that it is the Frog Hopper. She rode it several times with the same giggles and laugh each and every time.
Ben was a trooper. I don't know if he loved it as much as Abby, but he was willing to ride everything his 36 inch height allowed him to ride. I didn't get a chance to ask him what he liked best and not sure he would have had an answer, but I think you can tell from the following short video he like the idea of bouncing in the Frog Hopper too.

Abby and Ben riding the FROG HOPPER.

Ben with me on the Carousel. He picked out the Green Dragon to Ride.

Then Ben and me riding the train. After I had taken this picture of us together, the little boy sitting front of us wanted to see. I showed him then took a picture of him and his mother. He thought that was very cool to see his picture. Kids today everywhere want to see the picture as soon as you take it. Love this instant gratification world we now live in!


amanew said...

Benjamin's favorite seemed to be the Frog Hopper also. But that could be that it is what Abigail said and we do everything the same. He liked them all but is very much like his daddy in that he does not get overly excited about any of them. They had a great time though and really want to go back again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my place!

Lullibell is the same as Abby...she doesn't care what the ride does and he faster the better!

Bubba, on the other hand, is far more cautious...he won't get on anything until he sees exactly what it does and he really doesn't like the falling sensation so tomorrow should be interesting!