Monday, August 25, 2008

Boredom --- Not a Pretty Sight

Today is just kind of a blahhhh day. Oh, I've gotten a lot accomplished don't get me wrong. I've put the second coat of paint on the green in the bedroom, cleaned the kitchen and run the dishwasher, straightened the house, talked with Amy on the phone, talked with Robert on the phone about the phone call from Amy (he called me), played several games of Text Twist, and even have my Photo Hunt picture ready for next Saturday, walked down and gotten the mail, I've even had a shower. I glanced over at the clock and it is just 2:00. Either I need to make each task last longer, or I need to get more accomplished. I have other things that could be tackled. I have material to make about 10 bears and ideas for several more, I want to paint the living room (not that big a chore since it only has two walls- smile) or I could just sit here and be bored.

I think I'm missing going back to school. What was a part of my life for over 30 years is hard to change. Every year I looked forward to starting back and now hummm nothing to look forward to . There is something about all my *friends* (which that isn't true) being back in school with kids and thousands of decissions to make that just makes being home alone and with little that has to be done just a little lonely.

Isn't that the most pathetic thing you have read lately? I mean -- who whines because they don't have mountains of things that must be accomplished.

Ok, I think I'm over it. I'm feeling better already. Whew, glad that didn't last long. :)


Honey Mommy said...

Sometimes I have tons to do, but don't feel like doing any of it! Then I think, How can I can be bored with tons to do?

Thanks for stopping by and offering encouragement on my bike tour! I did it, I finished!

Vixen said...

I managed to get my Wordless Wednesday ready today, but you already have your Photo Hunt? I haven't even got the chance to go see what it is yet....Good for you.

LceeL said...

There's always SOMETHING to do. I mean, you COULD just sit there and blog - ALL DAY. Now THAT is constructive.