Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 10 A Memorable Party

I was looking around Blogspot just a few minutes ago and came across a site that I want to share.
It is here. It is called The One Minute Writer. Each day you are given a prompt and a timer and asked to write for one minute.

What a wonderful way to come up with ideas for blogging the month of November. I read through several of the prompts and each one basically led to some personal event in your life or something you might consider doing.

Today's (well when you read this it will be yesterday's) prompt is *Write about a memorable party or gathering you attended.*

I instantly thought of the surprise party Robert threw for me on my 40th birthday. I think what made it so memorable is that it truly was a surprise. Even the girls didn't know about it.
We had to go to Dumas that day and close on a house we had just sold. I remember being upset with him because we didn't even take time to celebrate after the closing by going out to eat. He said we had to get back home to go to some hokey meeting. I was pouting and grumbly when he pulled up to the fire station (the center of all activity in the little town of 400 people where we then lived).
When we walked in everyone shouted "Surprise and Happy Birthday." My reaction -- well according to Robert I turned to him --- slugged him on the arm and said, "You shit." The DJ began playing then and I had a wonderful time with the whole town celebrating turning old or what I thought at the time was old.

I Say --- You Think

  • Coverage :: of the election, sports, the new media in general likes to think it gives us up to day coverage of everything -- even things we don't really need to be a part of
  • Cynical :: how I feel about politicians; CEO's of large companies; and evidently the news media judging from my last comment

  • Gust :: west Texas winds that blew through my childhood

  • Improvised :: most meals I cook; have I mentioned I really don't cook much

  • V :: victory

  • Guests :: what I wish I had more of; maybe if I were a better hostess maybe actually prepared things for them

  • Brutal :: winters in the north

  • Grant :: allow

  • Pull :: push; if there is a pull sign on a door I will invariably push on the door before pulling

  • Streaming :: video; although I don't understand what one really is I've heard the expression often in association with the internet and it popped into my head

    Donna said...

    After the party started, he called and invited your daughters... :) The entire town knew about it with the exception of you and your girls. That is when you got your "mother's ring" I picked out for you.

    Heather said...

    The one minute writer and the I think sound like good blog ideas I will have to do the word association one before reading yours so I don't end up with same associations. Thank you for stopping by. Now I must get back to making Emily's bird beak for her school reading group.

    Julie said...

    Great story. I love that you punched him a called him a shit.

    Also, brutal would be summers in the south, not winters in the north. Just my opinion! ;)

    Ladykli said...

    What a great surprise! I like your I say you think list. I think my answers would have been quite similar! I think Brutal winters in the north and summers in the south would be about right. I've lived through both and I hate both!!!

    Vixen said...

    That site sounds great. I am going over to check it out!