Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 22 Photo Hunt Reflection

Today's theme is reflections. Hard one for me. I have no cool pictures of mountains reflected in the lake below, or rainbows in a car mirror like here. None I found nothing looking back at me in a reflection like here.

I'm sure they are there; I just couldn't see them. But I did reflect on life a bit. Today is Hubby's 60th birthday. I've been with him for 30 of those years. As I reflect on those years together I thought about all the changes we have been through, both physically and emotionally. I'll just share two pictures. One from years ago and one more recent. Change is obvious in pictures like these.

You might want to stop and reflect on the past. The way things were, how they are now and how you've gotten to where you are today. Then stop and give thanks. I did.

This picture of Robert and me was taken in the 1980s at a Doggie Day Bar-B-Q.

And here are Robert and I in September on a cruise right before Ike.


Ladykli said...

You make a wonderful couple, both then and now! Congrats on the time together. Here's to many, many more! This is a great week for reflecting one's life and counting blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving to the both of you.

My reflection is here

Angela said...

Aww, nice!

Donna said...

Groovy in the headband... :)

Give Daddy a hug from me.

Momisodes said...

Your smile hasn't changed one bit! :) I love these photos of you together. So sweet.