Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 3 -- A Little Game About a Cruise

There is this little game called 4x4 that I came across at Losing Myself.

The game is to open the picture file on you computer. Go to the fourth folder, open it, and post the fourth picture.

This is the fourth picture I had in the fourth folder. That folder happen to contain the studio pictures we had taken on the cruise sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce in 2006.

This is the fun group we cruised with.
I'm the one in red when nearly everyone else was in black.

On this cruise we partied heartily. But we had a designated driver each time we did just in case someone was needed to steer the ship.

Robert had his party on the beach in Progreso when we went there instead of Cozumel like we were expecting. We opted to go to a beach party were the Corona and rum punch were part of the package. Robert was enjoying the ice cold Coronas. He joined in the limbo contest and the beer drinking contest and lost them both, but celebrated his losses as if they were victories. I thought for a while I was going to have a little Mexican maid. (Maybe it was a good thing I was the DD on that occasion.)

My party was on the ship the next night when I went out with *the kids*. They said they were going to the Magic Show and then to the midnight buffet, but we didn't make either. They decided to drop into a club on the way for a quick drink which led to another then another and the music was loud and the dancing was --- well it was. The captain of the ship showed up and one of the girls I was with got to flirting with him and we ended up partying with him and the first officer for a bit. (They were drinking water though -- so Robert wasn't needed to steer the ship.) Oh, Robert didn't go with us on this adventure. He was tired and went back to the cabin which was just as well because he doesn't like loud music that isn't country western.

Yes, this was a fun cruise. One that will never be duplicated, but one that will always live fondly in my memory.

What will the fourth picture in the fourth folder of your picture file be? It might surprise you and if you are doing NaBloPoMo it might just give you something to blog about.


Honey Mommy said...

What a fun game. I use iPhoto on a Mac, so I would have to figure out where on the hard drive it actually stores the photos to play!

Some day I hope to go on a cruise. It sounds like so much fun!

Julie said...

I love your red dress.

And it looks like you had a great cruise!

I swiped this for my post today. Thanks!

LceeL said...

So the hottie in the red dress is you, huh? Yeow-zuh!!

anajz said...

Hi, I found you through Mrs. Mecomber's New York Traveler. Great blog...and looks like a fun meme.

Were you on the Carnival Ecstasy? I have a photo of my family on that