Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 7 Haiku Friday A Gray Wet Cloak

The past couple of morning Robert's and my walk has begun in the dark with a light fog around us. By the time we get back home the sun is beginning to rise and the fog dissipate. We don't have the colors of fall here that many of my blogger friends from from points east and north have shared in photographs. But I have taken my fog and those images and drawn inspiration. Thank you to each person who has posted a beautiful autumn picture. Your photography means a lot to me.

A dull wet blanket
Wraps the world in dripping gray
Fall's colors hidden.

Weakly come the sun,
Struggling to free the brillance,
To throw off that cloak.

Once again in light
Colors, red - orange - gold
Thrill the viewing eye


Julie said...

Sure, come over to my blog and talk about it being was about 17 here this morning and warmed up to like 20. We are maybe gonna get some snow in the next couple days.

But we had a few glimmers of sunshine today. It's so much easier to take the cold when I can sit at the computer and feel the sun shining in on me.

I like your haiku. We have had some foggy mornings too, lately. I like foggy mornings. There is just something about fog.

SandyCarlson said...

Beautiful thoughts. I too walk in the dark of early morning. It's a special time!

Cathy said...

You really captured that feeling of being out in the early morning.

Vixen said...

Beautiful haiku. I too enjoy when people post their fall color photos so I can enjoy them. We don't get much fall color in San Diego.

maggies mind said...

Such beautiful and gorgeous imagery! That describes so perfectly how it has been here, too.

secret agent mama said...

I am so glad that my fall-time pictures delight you so much. It's why I share them.

Your haiku set is just wonderful. As are you.

P.S. A book will be shipped to you next week. I've had them packaged but with sickies and swollen lips.. well you know! ;)