Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 2 Playing the Word Game & Some Random Ramblings

This is a fun little word association game hosted here.

I say ..... and you think .....?

1. In love :: With my hubby -- I can't imagine life without him.
2. Be my guest :: For dinner -- I'll pay -- I'm not cooking!
3. Number one :: Texas -- the Texas/Texas Tech game is on as I type this so far TT has played a great game and is leading. Could there really be an upset? I hope so.
4. Swallowed whole :: Pills
5. 50 percent :: Off -- I love a good sale.
6. Made in :: Japan -- Today it is more likely to be China though.
7. Supplement :: Help
8. Right for :: the moment Instant gratification is the name of the game and I'm too guilty of it myself.
9. Endless :: Never ending
10. Ceramic :: Figurine

Now for some the Random Ramblings

The Fall Festival was a success. I had an easy job -- collecting tickets at the drink stand. To help offset the cost we charge a minimal fee everything. Five tickets sell for $1 and drinks were 2 tickets. Nearly all the booths and games were only 1 ticket and food was as cheap as we could make it. I didn't hear anyone complaining. It is a cheap night of safe entertainment.

Tech managed to pull off the upset with just seconds, make that one second, left in the game. I don't know what that will do the standings other than knock Texas out of number one. It will be interesting to see how the polls unfold in the next day or two.

Work has been interesting. I got to leave early four days. When the students are doing benchmark test and going on field trips and being involved in D.A.R.E programs it is hard for me to have my students. The principal ask me Friday if I had any students after 3 o'clock. I assured her I did it was just that this past week had been an unusual one. She assured me she wasn't questioning what I was doing she just wanted to know why I was always leaving before 3:00. I only left when I had permission to and she is the one that grants that permission.

This time change thing is getting so old. We got an extra hour of sleep tonight. But come Monday my body won't realize it. It is just screwy. I'm sure there are parts of the country where this all makes perfect sense, but to me it just doesn't seem all that necessary.


Laane said...

I love a good sale too. Didn't think of 50% off though.

You can find my mutterings ::here::.

Have a wonderful week!

Hootin' Anni said...

Love your 2nd answer! And you and I agree 100% of the 50 per cent. Ya baby....I love to shop.

Hope your weekend treated you well. Did T T win? I'll have to go Google now.

Ladykli said...

I saw this meme somewhere awhile back and was going to play. I just never got around to it. Maybe I'll have to try again. I love a good sale but I never can seem to find the really good ones.

Glad your festival was a success!

Do you think they will ever do away with the TAKS tests? It seems like they spend so much time on them! Sometime my girls are taking benchmarks other times they are taking mock TAKS test. Last year I volunteered to be bathroom monitor at my younger daughter's school (middle school). OMG some of those kids go to the bathroom 5-6 times! IT's crazy!