Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 20 Thursday Thirteen #20 -- A Bit of Silliness

A few weeks back my daughter and I had a quick lunch at the local KFC/Taco Bell. We both opted for the Taco Bell menu. When the meals came we were asked if we would like some hot sauce. Of course we answered yes and received a hand full of the little packets; some hot and some mild. On the front of each packet is a little message as if the packet were speaking to you. For some reason these packets tickled my funny bone and so today I share the humor from these little packets of sauce.
1. Mild, "Can I drive?"
2. Hot, "The feeling is mutual."
3. Hot, "Help! I can't tell where I am. It's dark and I can hear laughing."
4. Mild, "At night the sporks pick on me."
5. Mild, "Will you scratch my back?"
6. Hot, "Thanks for rescuing me. Fire was getting on my nerves."
7. Mild, "Ketchup? Oh puh-leese."
8. Mild, "Scratch & Sniff: Gotcha!"
9. Hot, " I'm taking the day off. See next packet."
That's all of those so here are the other fast food places I frequent.
10. Sonic --- Their brown bag specials make a wonderful supper to grab on the way home from handbell practice.
11. What A Burger --- I like their 2 piece chicken strip dinner. Just the right amount.
12. Pizza Hut --- Not exactly fast food, but a meat lovers thin and crispy, yummmm.
13. Dairy Queen --- Can you say Blizzard? My favorite is a Banana Split Blizzard or the Extreme Chocolate.


Julie said...

My favorite is In'n Out Burger, but it's only in CA and the Southwest. The one in Tucson was busy every single time we went in there.

Carl's Junior is the one that surprised me. I had burgers from there once in CA a long time ago, which didn't impress me, but then they built one a couple blocks from our house in Tucson, and it is really good. Really bad for you, but really good. About once a year I go for a breakfast burger -- one of those completely disgusting things that taste really good -- a burger with egg and those flat tater tot things. Probably enough cholesterol and fat to kill a hippo, but really good.

I especially like #4. Sporks are just funny.

Sweet Cops Wife said...

Happy TT! very cute blog!

Ladykli said...

We had different sayings on ours but I couldn't remember them. When I tried google I got this.;dir=prev

I like Wendy's Value Menu. When Larisa would eat there I could feed her, her sister and myself for $6.00!

Julie said...

I posted the recipe for fake lasagne, such as it is. I am not a big one for measuring and stuff.

Let me know if any of it doesn't make sense...

Donna said...

*giggle* still can't believe you took all of the packets home!