Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 26 Been Doing It for Fifty Year

Long day today. It has been one of those *good* days. Work went good. The plane trip was good. Being with my daughter is good. Anticipating the days ahead -- good.

A quick story.

Yesterday I had to pass through the gym during the one short break I get each day. The fifth grade was in P.E. jumping rope. There were several groups turning the rope while others ran in jumped then ran out.

As I walked by a group of girls they started to stop, but I told them to keep turning and I'd see if I could still jump. They thought it was hilarious that I was going to jump. I got in and finally convinced them to turn the rope faster. They were going so slowly it was hard to get the rhythm. We laughed and then I moved to a group that was all boys. They issued a challenge to jump with them. So jump I did.

Right after P.E. I have a group of these 5th grade students. As I was walking with them for a water break one boy turned to me and said, "So, Mrs. Bain, how long you been jumping rope?"

That question made me laugh. I told him I really hadn't thought about it, but if I had begun jumping rope with I was about nine I had been jumping rope for fifty years. His reponse was simply, "Wow."

Hard to believe I've done anything for fifty years.


LceeL said...

I'll bet you look good doin' it, too.

Donna said...

Hey Mom, you've been "momming" for nearly 40! (Teehee)

Losing Myself said...

At least you can still jump rope at 59. Don't think I'd try it, and I'm not as old as you are.

Julie said...

Woo. I bet you are very glad the story didn't end with you on your butt surrounded by 5th graders staggering about laughing...

Patsy said...

Lou -- I don't know how I looked

Donna -- Take it easy there daughter, I can still swat your bottom.

Ida -- Always fun to play with the kids, I gained a whole lot of respect that way.

Julie -- So glad your senerio didn't happen and it so could have.

Momisodes said...

You are so much fun :) I love your spontaneity!

I can't even remember the last time I jump roped. I'm guessing it was a few decades ago as well.