Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 27 Thursday Thirteen #21 What to Do On Thanksgiving Day

1. Frist thing to do is count all your blessings. A good time to do this is just before you roll out of bed and the rest of this list gets in the way.

2. Check on the grandchildren. If they are still asleep then quickly take a shower and prepare for the day.

3. Chech with daughter about what you can do to help in the kitchen; this is important since you are at her house.

4. Suggest she wash the turkey, removing all the gibblets from both cavities. (They aren't so good if you cook them in the paper sacks.)

5. As she puts the turkey in the oven be sure the oven is set for the correct time and temperature and then greet the grandchildren as the come in to *help*.

6. Help serve the grandchildren a breakfast full of carbs and sugar so they will be wound up for the rest of the day.

7. If the weather is pretty take grandchildren to the park, if not drag out games and toys to play with with them.

8. About 10:30 suggest that daughter begin prapartations of other foods such as the dressing and the fruit salad for the meal to be served about 1:00. Ignore the comments she makes about she knows what she is doing.

9. Give the grandchildren snacks to hold them over until the noon meal you know is going to be late.

10. Make a run to the grocery store to get the items that daughter forgot to buy (you knew this was going to happen).

11. Help in the kitchen while telling husband that he doesn't get to watch the pre-game show because the grandchildren want to watch the parade.

12. Help daughter set the table and make final preparation for the meal. Greet her in-laws as they come in with the rolls for the meal.

13. Pause and give thanks for being able to share a fabulous meal with family and friends. (Even if it was chaotic getting it all ready.)


Alice Audrey said...

What do you do if the grandkids are already up?

Mary said...

The mad rush to get everything ready on time and to get all of the forgotten items is part of the fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ladykli said...

Sounds like a fun day! Ours will be very quiet as most relatives live out of state and Rick working at the game.
Hope you enjoyed the day!

kandyblossom said...

LOL...sounds like a few of my Thanksgiving days. Enjoy your day with your family.

Losing Myself said...

Don't push your daughter too hard, or she'll never host another holiday. ;)

Yasmin said...

Happy TT and happy Thanksgiving. Hope everyone survived and there wasn't any (or much) drama.

Donna said...

I know better, but Moma, she does know what she's doing! :)

Glad your day was a good one. (((hugs)))