Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 16 -- Random Happenings, Unconscious Mutterings

The handbell group that I'm part of was part of the services today. We rang the Call to Worship and the Offertory. Overall both pieces in both services were well received, but I had a hard time with the Call to Worship in the first service. I think it was because we were so rushed in practice this morning and when we played I just didn't feel calm and centered. I know this isn't about me, but I always want to do my best and I just don't feel like I did.

Robert is gone today. He left about 9:30 to go with our travel agent over to check the Conquest, the cruise ship we will be sailing on with the children this summer. When I signed us up Lee asked if we would be interested if a tour came available. Of course we were, it just happened to fall on this day. Since I didn't feel I could not be at church, I sent Robert without me.

It was 36oF this morning at 7:00 a.m. This is the coldest we have been thus far. We will have a few days colder, but not many. The best part though is that the sun is shining brightly, not a cloud in the sky and NO wind. This is the kind of day I really enjoy.

I have a bear pinned on the material to cut out and stitch up. It will be an all white bear made from an old bed spread. The kind that is woven with French knots in a design on it. I've never made a bear from this type material before. I'm always a little apprehensive about how a new bear will turn out. Even more so when I'm using new materials. Fingers crossed it goes well.

I say :: You think

  1. Please stop :: bickering; or and think; or the music These all went through my head. The word bickering and the phrase and think are from when the girls were little and to some degree with my job now. Isn't there a song something about Please stop the music or just stop the music?

  2. Move over :: your crowding me What I said to Robert last night. He was crowding me while sleeping. He woke up thinking I was crowding him on his side of the bed. Surprise, surprise, surprise.
  3. Sweet as :: apple pie That's a nice Southern expression. To pinch a babies cheek and comment, "She's as sweet as apple pie."

  4. Bet :: wager Ever *bet chur bottom dollar* I have when I'm 100% certain about something.

  5. Mad about :: nothing, absolutely nothing today It isn't often that there isn't some little something nagging at me. Today was just one of those good days when all is right with the world. Praise God.

  6. It’s over :: finished I always think of Judge Judy --- I didn't watch that show often (who needed to?) but she used the expression. "It's over, put a period and move on." I like that. More people need to do it.

  7. Intend to :: get around to Something I'm bad about saying. I intend(ed) to, just didn't get to it.

  8. Blame :: his fault What is wrong with many of our children. They want to find someone else to blame for everything that goes wrong in their lives.

  9. Jefferson :: Davis Honestly that is the first thing that popped into this blonde mind. Not sure what he did in history, I just know he was important. Okay, I Googled him, seems he was president of the confederate states during the Civil War. I knew that name rang a bell for a reason.

  10. Heartless :: villein The character Snidely Whiplash from the Dudley Do Right show came to mind. He was heartless. Of course, many people feel that way about bankers, but I have a different opinion there.


Vicki said...

The temp is 44 where I'm at in Florida right now. That's colder than normal. I'm freezing.
Great mutterings.

You've been tagged. You can check it out at:

Momisodes said...

Oy. It's freezing here too! I don't even want to go outside, and it's not even winter yet.

I loved your muttering replies. For Jefferson, I kept thinking of The Jeffersons TV show :)

Ladykli said...

Very interesting blog today. That is so cool that you are handbell ringer. (is that what I would call you. Do you wear white gloves? I've seen some do that.

Another cruise - lucky you.

Yes the temps do go up and down like a yo-yo this time of year.

I'll bet your bear will be very cute.

I laughed about #2 on your list. That happens a lot in our house, only it's usually our dog, Cookie hogging the middle of our bed! LOL!