Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 17 100 Word Challenge -- Intuitive

The word for 100 Word Challenge this week is intuitive. I've continuted the story started last week. Now we meet June Ann, that long legged, blue-eyed, spit-fire that Hank mentioned last week. (Here for that bit of writing.)


June Ann had met Hank at the Economic Development committee meeting. There was an intuitive feeling that something wasn’t as it seemed. He seemed a little too sure of himself.

Her daddy had taught her how to judge people, but he hadn’t taught her how to keep her mouth shut. She had probably said too much that evening with Hank there. But he had been so --- so smug.

The phone ringing brought her out of her reverie, “Editor’s Desk,” she said smiling to herself. Inheriting this paper had changed her plans. Now more than ever this little town was home and she was working hard to keep it moving forward without loosing itself.


Losing Myself said...

"that long legged, blue-eyed, spit-fire"

This character was based on your youngest sister, right? ;)

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh boy, oh boy....I love a good story. This Hank....he's the backbone of the dusty town? And he will have to deal with the spit fire....yummy.

Thanks for stopping by my HoT entry. Have a super Tuesday.

Losing Myself said...

By the way, congrats on being the Featured Blog. Just remember all us little people when you're famous! ;)

thenightblog said...

Oo I love being able to take so much out of 100 words

Mary said...

Great story! I love the writing style!