Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 14 Haiku Friday -- Gentle Sounds

I'd probably get in trouble for this if hubby read my blog, but since he doesn't I feel pretty safe.

Coming from the couch
Hark, gentle sounds of snoring
The song of day's end

The cause of this comatos state may have been the huge plate of pancakes smothered in butter and syrup with a good half pound of bacon on the side. All washed down with a quart of milk.

Tonight was the annual Kiwanis Club Pancake Supper. This turned out to be quite the social event to attend. (Oh, for those who read Wednesday's blog I was dressed appropriately. Jeans, cute black flats, long sleeved tee with a short fly away jacket.)

The supper was to last from 5:00 to 8:00. Robert and I went about 5:30 thinking we would be eating with what we lovingly call *the blue-hair set*. No we were eating with BC. We stood in line -- for pancakes -- for about 20 minutes visiting with many people we know from Lions Club, church, and chamber functions.

When we did get in we were served our fresh from the grill pancakes that were as big as the plate by our preacher. I didn't know he was a Kiwanis member.

A young man, high school age, heaped bacon on our plates from a cooler. As I was served the he said, "May I serve you bacon, Ma'am." I nodded my head trying not to burst out laughing at his attempt at an English butler accent. "I hope you have an accomodating evening," he continued. At that I burst out laughing. I think I hurt his feeling because he ask if he had said something wrong. I reassured him that what he said wasn't wrong, it just was funny considering where we were. We quickly went to find seats; stopping only to get drinks --- coffee, milk, or colas of several kinds.

We sat across from a couple we didn't happen to know, but were soon best friends with. Then headed home, stopping at HEB for a couple of birthday cards. What an evening.


LceeL said...

Now THERE is a relaxed man. But he really should take off his glasses when he naps.

maggie's mind said...

Hahahaha, yep, just perfect. I agree with Lou, though about the glasses. A nap on the couch is always just so perfect, though.

Julie said...

My husband always reads my blog, so I have to be careful. More careful. Okay, wait, I told all about how he slayed the mouse and felt bad about it, so maybe I am not all that careful...

I like your haiku.

(Oh, yeah, the two-tailed dog shot was not photoshopped. Mojo was standing on the ground and Abe was on the deck and they just lined up perfectly. Lucky shot, not photoshop!)

Momisodes said...

ROFL!!! Oh man. I ALMOST posted a pic of Dadisodes sleeping. But he reads my blog :(

You're hilarious!

Now I'm in the mood for pancakes!

Losing Myself said...

But isn't that snoring a comforting sound. Isn't it great to have a hubby who would rather sleep on the couch than go out to the bars. We are blessed with these guys!