Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 12 Project Success

I love it when a plan comes together. This is the hearth candelabra that Robert and I made. (See Saturday's Post) I did have to modify it a little because I couldn't find exactly what the directions called for, but I think my modifications actually enhanced the project. We haven't lit the candles yet, but I know they will add a special warmth to our Thanksgiving gathering. Who would guess that this is made from wooden dowels and plastic plant saucers?
Yesterday I got everything measured and Robert cut the dowel rods to correct lengths and then the project stalled. He didn't have the right size drill bit to make the hole for the rods. Today since he didn't have to go to work, he bought a drill bit and finished the project except for the painting. I put two coats of flat black on it when I got home from work --- voila' --- a wrought iron fireplace candelabra. Stunning


Donna said...

It does look really good. I'm impressed!

Carrie said...

It looks great! I'm glad you were able to find everything for it.

amanew said...

Looks great, why buy when you can build. :) Oh and you don't really have to have coconut cream pie. One dessert will be enough.