Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 7 Anticipation

Little things can actually excite me. Every day I come home with a feeling of anticipation about what has taken place in my absence. We live in a neighborhood that is seeing four new houses being built and three of them are right by me. Two are directly across the street and the third is is just to the east of me -- 30 feet from the edge of my house to the edge of the new house and the fourth is just down the street. It is fun watching them being built. I come home every afternoon and wonder as I turn onto my street what will have been done on them today.

The house down the street now has windows, sheet rock, and is nearly bricked. They should be starting the cabinet work before long. I hope to be able to get a couple of boards from the scrap pile when they do. There is a lot of waste in house building and I might as well collect some of it. I plan to go down tomorrow and take a walk through this house to see what has developed inside. The last time I was actually in it was about a month ago.

Across the street, one house is now sided in and before long they will be roofing it. I know the floor plan for that house is the same as mine, but the builder changed up the roofline and the way the garage is so from the outside you would never know that mine and it are twin houses. The other two are just starting. The workmen were here yesterday and laid the boards for the foundations and when I got home this afternoon those frames were full of sand. It is hard to tell from what has been done so far what the floor plan is. Robert and I think though that they are the same as the other two new homes on this block. That seems to be what is happening --- change the outside, keep the inside. I'm sure that the foundations will be poured soon and we will be able to tell more ---- well after the plumbers come and lay in all the pipes ---- and the workmen get all the rebar laid. I'm beginning to understand the process of what has to be done when.

None of these houses will be mine, but I still get excited watching them being built. And I figure if I'm snooping around everyday the laborer will, maybe, do a better job --- if not of working maybe of keeping the work site a little cleaner. But that is a whole different blog for a whole different time.

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