Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 28 Long Day Just Waiting

When I got to school a group of teachers were gathered in the hall talking, I cheerfully greeted them with a quip about them having an unofficial teacher's meeting. But I could instantly tell something was wrong. The school secretary's son had been in an car vs. train accident the afternoon before and was in critical condition with a 1% chance of making it. We heard rumors off and on all day about his condition, but nothing official came until about 4:00. Chris did not survive. The young man with him had died at the scene. Many I work with had taught both Chris and Robert. My heart is heavy for both of these families as they deal with their losses. I ask that you keep them all in your prayers.

Also my brother -in-law, Lydell, was scheduled to have open heart surgery this morning, but just prior to being taken to the OR he suffered some sort of episode. The doctors cancelled the surgery off saying they wanted to do some further test so they would know what had caused the episode. (Episode is the word my dad left on phone message. I'm not sure what exactly it was.) Anyway a second message from Daddy said that Lydell's heart wasn't the cause and surgery would be tomorrow at 11:00am. At about 5 I got a email from L's oldest daughter who said Lydell had had a fainting spell with the nurses right there and he is now in ICU. I don't know if he will have surgery or not. Please keep this family in your prayers also. They are all pretty scared at this point.

Now on a lighter side -- Robert and I went shopping for Christmas lights for the outside of the house this afternoon. We didn't buy any. We just couldn't decide if we want to put up colored lights, white lights, icicle lights, colored icicle lights or what. Maybe instead of lights we'll just get a giant inflatable something and put in the front yard. We'll see.


Donna said...

Why not giant multi-colored lights and white icecicle lights below

Patsy said...

That is actually one of the options available. See too many choices. :)

The Byrd said...

I like the classic clean white non-icicle lights myself.

I will keep those families in my thoughts.I hope your brother-in-law gets through his surgery!

Carrie said...

1) Please no giant inflatable things in the front yard. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

2) Please no colored icicle lights. Where in nature do colored icicles occur?