Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 20 Walk the Walk

Today was Fall Festival day at the school I work at. The teachers with the help of parents put on a carnival for the students in the gym. There was no charge for them to play the simple games and since we can't give out candy anymore we loaded them down with junky toys from Oriental Trader. Everyone had a great time.
I got to help with the game we called Walk the Walk. Basically it was a cake walk without the cakes. :) Stop on a color and if the spinner lands on that color you are the winner. We gave out Blessing Bucks --- play money they will be able to use at the Blessing Blow-Out in late January. We had lots of walkers.
I worked with the school nurse. She seems to think I was a carnival barker in a previous life. But if you can't have fun in the gym on a day of play, then when can you have fun. We were busy all the time because I made it fun. We didn't just walk; we danced, we skipped, we walked backwards, we had fun.
All this happened in two 1 hour sessions. The pre-k through second grade came in the morning and the third through fifth came in the afternoon. That doesn't sound like much until you actually have to be entertaining the whole time. I'm tired.
Tomorrow I cook.

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Donna said...

Tomorrow you cook with a complete house full of people!

Of course you made it fun. You did that for us as kids, too!