Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 17 All the Cars I've Loved Before

Continuing with the thought of loving to drive --- I mentioned that the car I drove in Driver's Ed was a late 40s or early 50s model; I found out from Billie today that it was a '49 something or another. You can tell from that statement that I'm not a big car person. Just so it has a motor that will run and the tires are in good shape, I'll drive it. Which brings me to tonight's list -- the vehicles that have taken me the places I've wanted to go.

1. 1954 Dodge --- I don't know the model and couldn't find a picture. I had been Daddy's work car but he let us girls have it to take to school and drive around some. I loved that big old car.
2. 1960 (not sure about the year on this one) Hillman Husky I drove that little car all over Sunray. It was little and fun. No one else had one like it.
3. 1960 Ford Galaxy This was the car Garry owned when we got married. It was a standard shift car and although he was very particular about it, I did get to drive it. Pale green and he called her "Lizzy".
4. 1965 (again not sure of the year) Buick LeSabre The car I drove 140 miles three time a week to and from college for 3 years. It was great car that would run a hole in the wind --- problem was the speed limit was changed to 55 mph about the time I started to drive it. That was a bummer.
5. Red Volkswagen Beetle --- I have no clue as to the year. I know I drove that little red bug while Donna was little and until I was expecting our third child. We knew then that we would have to have a larger car so the fun bug was traded in for a
6. Dodge Ambassador --- I think that is what it was. I really just remember that this car was an ugly green, very practical for a family of 5 and not anything special. I drove it just because I had to drive something.
7. 1977 Pontiac Sunbird --- The first car I bought all on my own. A great car for a single mom and 3 little girls. We had fun running around in it.
8. 1978 Chevy Van -- Now we were a part time family of 8 and needed lots of seating. I drove that van for the next 5 years. When it was worn nearly out we traded it for a second van This time a
9. 1983 GMC van with a tailgater package. It also had 4 captain seats and a bench seat that folded down to make a bed. We made lots of skiing trips in that one.
10. 1980 or 81 Dodge Charger --- This was my school car while working on my master's degree. A little 4 speed. Again a fun car to drive that got good gas mileage for the 120 mile round trip to Canyon from Dumas.
11. 1989 Oldsmobile Eighty-eight --- This car had all the bells and whistles and would run like the wind.
12. 1994 Oldsmobile Eighty-eight --- Another great car. I drove it for 125,000 miles, gave it to a youngest son and he drove it for another 175,000 miles.
13. 1998 Chevy Lumina Car --- Seems Chevy had a Lumina Van also which made it a little confusing, but the Lumina had over 150,000 miles on it when I traded it off this past February.
14. 2007 Mustang Convertible --- Red, need I say more?

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