Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 4 Favorites

I have thousands of pictures and many of them are favorites. Some are of Robert and me, some are just pictures I took of scenery or an object (I have a picture of the Texas flag that I just love), but most are of my girls and the grandchildren. Of the thousands I decided on only two that I want to publish today. They are both recent pictures and each one makes me emotional in a happy, prideful way. If I say more I'll begin to sound like that person I don't like to sound like. So just enjoy the pictures.

This is the picture of the girls taken last March when we had our *Girls Only* weekend in Fort Worth. What could be better than my girls in a bed of blue bonnets? It is hard to believe that I was grown --- say close to 50 on one side or the other before I saw my first field of blue bonnets up close and personal. Now I make it a point to go somewhere and see them every year. Growing wild in a field they are really breath taking.
This picture was taken in August this year. This is one of the best things a grandmother can experience. I love to play with A and B this way. It looks like I was getting great hugs, but in reality they were trying to knock me backwards. We had been playing --- I knew Amy had the camera (and I think Ben did too) so we posed ever so quickly for the photo.

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Donna said...

Abby just looks blissful in that picture... what a cutie.